The Musical Betty


It’s been a while.. BUT LOOK I’M DOING A POST!

This is the Betty dress by Sew Over It
dress front2

When I saw my friend wearing this, I knew I had to have it. I love this style!

dress front down

Super easy to make. I even lined it in gold satin so it feels amaaaazing to wear. Didn’t have to do any fitting at all (from memory.. I made most of this a few months ago)

dress lining

The low back is my favourite thing about it, you can even see the top of my tattoo-workinprogress.

Luckily it’s not too low to see the bra, which no one needs to see!

dress back

Aw, aw, aw and POCKETS !

dress side

So this was fabric that I got at the last Fabric-a-brac last year in Wellington, so the dress cost me about $20. That’s also cutting out the skirt twice *sigh*

I decided I only wanted a half circle skirt cause full circle skirts make my butt huuuuge and that’s totally unnecessary for the world. So I used one I had previously drafted but I forgot to lengthen it so the dress went about half way down my thighs (if that).. so I had to take it off and do it again, fml.


I lurrves it ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh and also, have you seen how awesomely long my hair is now?! 3 years after shaving it to the skin, it’s finally back, w00t!

So yeah.. make this dress.. go on.. do it.

Sophie in Shades

Welcome to the new Sophie Muse cardi !


The Sophie is the newest pattern by Muse. It’s a casual style cardi that can have a round neck with or without a collar, or a v-neck. Button up or zip up. Patch pockets or rounded in-seam pockets. So many variations, whoop whoop !


I made me a round neck, button up, in-seam pockets with contrasting black n white.


Aww, my face is fuzzy in this one, very good!

I might be a little biased with this pattern since my sister made it ๐Ÿ˜› but I do find her patterns really easy to read which is what I need because I have lots of trouble following instructions usually. Also, knit patterns are amazing.. they are my fave, so easy to get neck banks and stuff on cause you just stretch the begeezes out of it !


I started using the white material but then ended up not having enough so had to cut the rest out in the charcoal colour. I really like how it turned out ๐Ÿ˜€

The material is a very loose weave with a pretty shit recovery so I made a size 34 (I am usually a size 38) and I graded to a 36 in the hips cause those hips are all ready for childbearing.. stupid hips.

I usually make a 36 anyway cause I like the tight cardi’s so that they feel all snuggly.. mmMmm snuggly cardi.


Because the fabric is so loose, I had a bit of an issue getting the pocket opening to sit right when I attached the front and back. One of my pockets is slightly smaller than the other because of this reason :-/ However, the pattern now has notches on the back for attaching the pocket so this shall not happen in the future. It has been decreed, w00t!

Also, what I just noticed is that the stitching along the top of the pocket back is higher on one side than the other haha.. Then again I am pretty bad at using notches.

I actually found that when I made the pattern I used mostly the little diagrams that go with each of the steps. They were perfect! Especially the raglan sleeves part.. When I made my coppelia, it was the first time with raglan sleeves and I had SO MUCH TROUBLE! So I knew I had to look at the diagrams this time and they were perfect so I highly recommend doing this.


The button band is about 3cm wide so large buttons are totes the way to go. I took my man Anton button shopping with me (he’s actually pretty good with buttons and I felt bad leaving him outside in the cold). He chose out these cool buttons with Pegasus’ on them, aren’t they cool?! AND THEN he bought them for me. What a good man.

Very good.

Birdy Flora

front 2


I made a dress ๐Ÿ˜€

pockets 2

AND it has pockets !!!


AND the fabric is super pretty !!!

My mummy actually brought it back from America for my birthday last year because she is AMAZING ! Thanks mummy ๐Ÿ˜€

front 1

So this is the By Hand London Flora Dressย with the faux wrap bodice.


I redrafted the skirt pieces of it though. Made it into a half circle skirt which we had full on trouble with haha. Basically, I wanted to cut the skirt in 3rds so that I can put inseam pockets in and not have them right on the side seams because it doesn’t quite feel that natural. So the skirt seams are about an inch in from the side seams.


The issue that we had (my flatmate Juliet was helping me draft one) was that we were trying to calculate the thirds using full circle skirt calculations instead of half circle skirt calculations. Ridiculous, but we got there in the end with my sisters help haha.

I used the Burda Style tutorial for the inseam pockets, but I can’t believe how easy they are to do, it was amazing. I must do this with ALL of the dresses.

back 1

I also had troubles with the bust darts, they were in really weird positions for me so I moved the side dart down by about 1cm and the bottom dart across a bit (can’t remember how much). I crossed the front pieces over by quite a lot though because I didn’t want any boob gapage going on there, so I probably shouldn’t have moved the bottom darts but they still seem to work so it’s all goods !


Of course, I still had gapage so had to tack it (just below the necklace) so it wouldn’t gape and I can wear it to work!

zip replacement

I can’t remember what size I made because I’m a bad person. But I had to take it in this much from the top of the zip downwards. It was VERY gapey at the top, made me sad yo!

hook n eye and zip

Then I put a hook n eye at the top of the zip to make it look professional like and things ๐Ÿ˜›

The zip isn’t quite invisible, I found my needle isn’t positioned in quite the centre cause my machine desperately needs a service


I made a pretty pretty label to go with it to. You can see where it was originally but I had to move it cause my zip took it in heaps haha! Also, sorry about the blurry photo, my awesome flatmate Andre took the pictures for me using his fancy pants camera and this particular one was taken with my phone ๐Ÿ˜›


OMG this is another cool trick I learned from somewhere online. Though I have no idea where I found it…

With full skirts it’s hard to get it to sit nicely around the curve, so you put in a line of gathering stitches in then it’s so much easily and quicker to iron it down and hem it.

Though when I went to do that, Lola decided she needed some more love. Oh good.

trying to hem

0degrees Mushrooms and Alameda

So Leimomi of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network was hanging out with Juliet and decided that most of us share some fabrics and patterns and we could probably make a chain linked up of fabric and patterns through.. well.. all of us !

So I made the Pauline Alice Alameda in some Mushrooms Drill fabric linking with Nikki through the pattern and Kat through the fabric. Thanks to Juliet for taking the photos!


Before I started I had to change the pattern around slightly because in my previous Alameda the bust gapes at the arm. I took the seam in on both the front and side front bodice pieces by 1.8cm tapering down to the apex of the bust (that’s the right word.. right?)


Much better now! Muchly thanks to Kat for helping me, telling me how to change the pattern around.


I didn’t have any problems with the pattern.. fits together nicely an takes less than 2m fabric for the shell!

(sorry pics of the bra straps.. ugh, always happens!


I also removed the flounce from the bottom and extended the skirt pieces. Mostly because, directional fabric and I didn’t want upside down mushrooms in places. But also cause it was just gonna be too much going on.


POCKETS ! I enjoy pockets.

I used chocolate brown poplin for the piping and black lining for the umm.. lining.


And I also have my little label which I love !

ย label


La Sylphide blouse – with birds !

Papercut La Sylphide Blouse.

front side

I really like this pattern, it’s so lovely and girly with the necktie and peplum!

back side

I was originally making this for the monosewn month at TMS in July last year. It got cut out and then put on the “I’m not sure” pile. Mainly because I had cut out theย necktie and sleevesย with black and white polka dots cause I ran out of the black and white birds fabric.

I started making it up again in March this year and rage quit cause it was AWFUL with the black and white polka dots… way too much going on.


And thats when I changed it to plain black poplin. Also changed the sleeves to cap sleeves because I reckon it’s WAY too much with the gathered sleeves!! I used the sleeve pattern from theย Deer and Doe Reglisse. I love cap sleeves!

Although I look really unimpressed about something in the below photo.. fascinating..

front ties

So I made the La Sylphide in red rayon last year for Indie Pattern Month and it turned out REALLY well.. even with the gathered sleeves ๐Ÿ˜› But of course it’s uber short, so I’m gonna cut this up into a blouse version because I have only worn it once and that fabric DESERVES to be worn.

Perfect for work too ๐Ÿ˜€


Circle top

I made a circle top !!!


The Papercut Circle Top!


I cut it out in hmm.. August last year? FINALLY made it in umm.. January and then FINALLY took photos of it when umm.. When the Muse Melissa dress came out and NOW I am finally getting around to blogging about it because Marta has nothing to read. Just for you Marta ๐Ÿ˜€

back hood

But also cause this thing is awesomely swishy. I LOVE SWISHY THINGS !!!

back swirly




Right, anyways, I don’t really have much to say about it. Cuts out as a giant circle with 2 holes for the arms.

Very easy to make.

I found the sleeves are quite short though.. I’m one of those people that I like to pull my sleeves up over my hands and snuggles in.. Every time I do it with these, it pulls the shoulder seams down my arms and then it feels weird to wear so I kept shifting it around a lot when I’m wearing it. Will DEFINITELY be lengthening the arms if I make another one.

And I probs will.. cause so snuuuuuugly!


Marion Cardigan

Me n Kat decided to, once again, do a knitted project together, w00t!

This time it was the Marion Cardigan by Andi Satterlund – we are slowly working our way through her patterns, REALLY nice patterns, how can we not?!

ย together

Look, we match !!!!! omg exciting. And there is even a baby.

So I made the size M (I think from memory) and it fits pretty well. I didn’t have to go up or down a size as my gauge was fine.

front sitting

The Marion Cardi has pretty overlapping cables down the middle on each side of the bodice and stops at the waist.

back 2

The back is plain but with the variegated Crucci Landscapes yarn it makes it look so much more exciting.

I also doubled the amount of rows of rib because it was weirdly short and in my opinion looked funny.


I actually left about 10 rows off the bottom (before the rib) so that it would sit on my waist as my waist is really high.. I had the problem with my Mryna that it sat slightly below the waist but would bunch up and look weird..

back cardi

(This is just after I had pulled it down but you can see that it doesn’t sit quite right..)


Aww, close up pic of the cables – my first cable project !!

Ain’t they cool?!

Wasn’t actually that hard to do cables but since they twist and turn, you have to be careful where you’re up to in the actual knitting pattern and in the cables pattern, that got a little confusing at times.


The buttons I chose are plain matt blue, oh my gosh so pretty. (btw I love this cardi!)

There were supposed to be 5 buttons but of course I shortened the length so only 4 which is kinda odd when you stare at it for too long.. please don’t do that.


The Marion is supposed to have 3 quarter sleeves but I lengthened them by so many rows because, warm garments with short sleeves, say what?! LOOK AT HOW LONG THEY ARE NOW, they cover all the way up to my fingies, YaY, warm hands for winter!

I went to put another pic in and.. well.. there are no more ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Kat will have some tho, go check out Kat’s Marion!!

Granny Squares 70s blanky

At the start of 2014 I moved from Dunedin to Wellington and stayed with my sis and her famdamily for like.. a month before I found a place.

They were so kind to house me and fed me that I decided to make them a blanket. Of course it had to go with their styles and what their house looked like to start with!


I used my 101 Granny Squares book and used 2 different squares out of it.


The yarn I started off using I found in my mums stash and started making it around christmas 2013 because.. that’s what I do at my parentals place – knit and crochet!

I was actually supposed to make this really cool scarf pattern that when you rolled it up looked like a smiley face – hence the yellow and brown. However it had been attacked by moths so I shoved it in the freezer for a day to kill off anything still living inside and then went through and salvaged what I could which ended up in lots of tiny little balls of yarn.

Tiny little balls of yarn = perfect for lots of little things = granny squares, oh yes.

AND the colours are perfect for 70s.

So I found some orange as well and set out to make lots of squares.


I ran out of yarn pretty fast though so I had to go find some that would be about the same shades. I went to Spotlight and managed to find wool in the orange and yellow (and added in an awesome green!), but could only find the brown in acrylic.

Brown was of course my neutral colour so had to use it to do all the sewing up which I did by doing 3 chains then a single crochet through the border of a square then another 3 chains.

Unfortunately I didn’t really think about the corners of the squares so they ended up all different which you do notice when you look close enough (my bad!)


I did do 2 different squares – the second type of square I only made single digits of though because I needed to fill in the corners when I ran out of coloured yarn and was putting it all together, looks ok though!! ๐Ÿ˜€

close up

Making all the squares took me.. a lot of time.. this thing isn’t even that big, imagine doing an entire bedspread.. ugh

laid out

Making the squares wasn’t the hard part though.. it was sewing it all up. That thing got SO heavy.. and then it was determining where all the pieces went and then when it was all together I had to do the border.

Wow it was heavy by the time I got to the border.. Glad I did do the scalloped border though, it’s so pretty!! I actually asked Kat how she wanted the border done and she said scalloped (I think from memory she did anyways..). So, good choice! Glad it’s over though but it was a fun project.


A Liebster Award !!!

Friends, YaY !!!

So, back in June the lovely Threading Lightly nominated me for a Liebster Award, thanks!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Naturally (because I am master of procrastination) it took me months to actually do this.

But here we are! and I was actually planning to do it this entire time, so YaY !

The Liebster Award I had never heard of before, basically it’s a good way for new bloggers to get noticed and answer questions about themselves and who doesn’t like to talk about themselves, huh?!



1. Was there a defining moment that got you into sewing?

Hmm.. this is an interesting one! Had to think back far haha… so, my sister is 10 years and 2 days older than me, so when she started sewing at 21 (I think it was when she got her first sewing machine), I got inspired ..and of course everyone wants to be like their older sis or bro. I started seeing things that she had made and I WANTED THEM.. So I started doing sewing at school and it carried on to after school.. I didn’t get fully into it until this year when I moved up to Wellington and started hanging around all the sewing bloggers (you guys are awesome !).


2. What has inspired your blog style?

To be honest, don’t think I have a blog style, I just type how I talk. Or at least I type as I say things in my head, so you guys are getting a front-line view of my mind, enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜€

Although.. in saying that, I don’t add in all the mass loads of tangents.. except maybe sometimes you get a few of them… :-/


3. At the fabric store, do you usually know what you are buying or do you like to browse?

I used to browse, this is a mistake, a big BIG mistake where I end up with negative money and too much fabric that doesn’t fit in my flat.. Now I tend to know what I need when I go in.. unless it’s the remnants bin, REMNANTS FOR THE WIN AWWW YEAH!

I have managed to find things in those remnant bins to make so many creations, whoop whoop! Bellatrix Blazer being one of them, that was probably one of the happiest days of my life.


4. What was your biggest sewing mistake?

Ah.. sewing my coppelia cardi, seriously screwed that one up. The sleeves to the front when it was supposed to go on the back and also they were the wrong way around and I attached them to the bottom of the front piece instead of where they were supposed to go and then I probably managed to attach the front to the feet or something ya know, that’s how screwed up it was. This is why markings are AMAZING.


5. How much fabric is in your stash?

I have about 6 boxes of fabric and a bin of remnants/miscellaneous stuff.


6. What is your next sewing project?

I have a a Sylphide blouse cut out and ready to go (for the past few months) for the Monochrome month on TMS in July. The fabric is cotton poplin with birds on it.. well most of it is, I ran out so had to use some poplin black with white polkadots, so it might turn out to be too much and then I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it!

I also have a Seamster mens hoodie which I started in August for my friends birthday.. in August.

And my Reglisse dress from October.

And I have a Papercut Circle Top cut out too..

Hmm.. maybe I should finish some things first yeah?


7. Which item from your bought wardrobe would you most like to be able to replicate?

Definitely my big blue jacket with hood. It’s lined. It’s blue. It’s big. It’s got a hood. It’s cozy. It’s flattering. It’s now slightly too big.

Good thing is, Juliet told me about the Pavot at Deer and Doe that I can make which is a real nice pattern (she has made one also, though I don’t think it’s posted yet). I even found the best wool blend fabric for it at the Fabric Warehouse pop up sale and some lining with DRAGONFLIES all over it at Spotlight. This jacket isn’t lined. But it WILL BE and it must have a hood also.

Pavot Jacket – Deer and Doe



8. What is your favorite sewing-related gadget?

This is a hard one. I definitely like Lucy, she makes me so happy.. However, my rotary cutter (since being introduced to them at the start of the year) has saved much rage and heartbreak as I’m sure my scissors would have caused at cutting out fabric.




9. What is your favorite place you have traveled to?


I lived in London when I was 20 for a good year and on my 21st I went to Amsterdam with a few friends. It is gorgeous over there and everyone is so lovely. I originally thought my favourite place was Venice but then I went there and omg it smells and there are SO many tourists EVERYWHERE. Amsterdam definitely has a better vibe, and canals!


10. What other hobbies/activities do you enjoy besides sewing?

I also knit (as of earlier this year) and crochet which I taught myself a few years ago.

I like to hula hoop when I have the time and energy and feel like I should get away from the inside world. Thing is, the inside world has my sewing machines SEWING MACHINES, PEOPLE!!! You understand…

I also like Friday drinks with friends and organising and planning things but not actually doing the things that I’m planning – Procrastination 101.


So I’m supposed to nominate people now, which is also a reason why I left this post for.. ya know.. half a year.. I actually have no idea who to nominate who hasn’t done this already (awkward)………..

This Side, or That Side?

In 2013 I was making these reversible bags to raise money to move to Wellington (or just spend it on Friday drinks – my bad !).

So anyway, I was making these out of curtain or upholstery fabric that I had in my stash because for some reason I had quite a lot of it…………


I don’t have many pictures but this is one of the bags I made.

It has a long shoulder strap and a pocket on each of the fronts .. I tried to match the pattern quite well so.. good luck finding it ๐Ÿ˜›


Not sure why I’m showing you this actually.. but I started making this post when I first made my blog, so may as well finish it, right?

YaY bag !

I made one for my sis for her bday too and she uses it for her knitting, seems to be working quite well.

I think I managed to sell about 7 of these.