The Musical Betty


It’s been a while.. BUT LOOK I’M DOING A POST!

This is the Betty dress by Sew Over It
dress front2

When I saw my friend wearing this, I knew I had to have it. I love this style!

dress front down

Super easy to make. I even lined it in gold satin so it feels amaaaazing to wear. Didn’t have to do any fitting at all (from memory.. I made most of this a few months ago)

dress lining

The low back is my favourite thing about it, you can even see the top of my tattoo-workinprogress.

Luckily it’s not too low to see the bra, which no one needs to see!

dress back

Aw, aw, aw and POCKETS !

dress side

So this was fabric that I got at the last Fabric-a-brac last year in Wellington, so the dress cost me about $20. That’s also cutting out the skirt twice *sigh*

I decided I only wanted a half circle skirt cause full circle skirts make my butt huuuuge and that’s totally unnecessary for the world. So I used one I had previously drafted but I forgot to lengthen it so the dress went about half way down my thighs (if that).. so I had to take it off and do it again, fml.


I lurrves it 😀

Oh and also, have you seen how awesomely long my hair is now?! 3 years after shaving it to the skin, it’s finally back, w00t!

So yeah.. make this dress.. go on.. do it.

One comment

  1. What a fantastic dress! It fits so perfect and that style is flattering on almost anyone. I really love the fabric too, makes it so uniquely wonderful!

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