0degrees Mushrooms and Alameda

So Leimomi of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network was hanging out with Juliet and decided that most of us share some fabrics and patterns and we could probably make a chain linked up of fabric and patterns through.. well.. all of us !

So I made the Pauline Alice Alameda in some Mushrooms Drill fabric linking with Nikki through the pattern and Kat through the fabric. Thanks to Juliet for taking the photos!


Before I started I had to change the pattern around slightly because in my previous Alameda the bust gapes at the arm. I took the seam in on both the front and side front bodice pieces by 1.8cm tapering down to the apex of the bust (that’s the right word.. right?)


Much better now! Muchly thanks to Kat for helping me, telling me how to change the pattern around.


I didn’t have any problems with the pattern.. fits together nicely an takes less than 2m fabric for the shell!

(sorry pics of the bra straps.. ugh, always happens!


I also removed the flounce from the bottom and extended the skirt pieces. Mostly because, directional fabric and I didn’t want upside down mushrooms in places. But also cause it was just gonna be too much going on.


POCKETS ! I enjoy pockets.

I used chocolate brown poplin for the piping and black lining for the umm.. lining.


And I also have my little label which I love !