Sophie in Shades

Welcome to the new Sophie Muse cardi !


The Sophie is the newest pattern by Muse. It’s a casual style cardi that can have a round neck with or without a collar, or a v-neck. Button up or zip up. Patch pockets or rounded in-seam pockets. So many variations, whoop whoop !


I made me a round neck, button up, in-seam pockets with contrasting black n white.


Aww, my face is fuzzy in this one, very good!

I might be a little biased with this pattern since my sister made it 😛 but I do find her patterns really easy to read which is what I need because I have lots of trouble following instructions usually. Also, knit patterns are amazing.. they are my fave, so easy to get neck banks and stuff on cause you just stretch the begeezes out of it !


I started using the white material but then ended up not having enough so had to cut the rest out in the charcoal colour. I really like how it turned out 😀

The material is a very loose weave with a pretty shit recovery so I made a size 34 (I am usually a size 38) and I graded to a 36 in the hips cause those hips are all ready for childbearing.. stupid hips.

I usually make a 36 anyway cause I like the tight cardi’s so that they feel all snuggly.. mmMmm snuggly cardi.


Because the fabric is so loose, I had a bit of an issue getting the pocket opening to sit right when I attached the front and back. One of my pockets is slightly smaller than the other because of this reason :-/ However, the pattern now has notches on the back for attaching the pocket so this shall not happen in the future. It has been decreed, w00t!

Also, what I just noticed is that the stitching along the top of the pocket back is higher on one side than the other haha.. Then again I am pretty bad at using notches.

I actually found that when I made the pattern I used mostly the little diagrams that go with each of the steps. They were perfect! Especially the raglan sleeves part.. When I made my coppelia, it was the first time with raglan sleeves and I had SO MUCH TROUBLE! So I knew I had to look at the diagrams this time and they were perfect so I highly recommend doing this.


The button band is about 3cm wide so large buttons are totes the way to go. I took my man Anton button shopping with me (he’s actually pretty good with buttons and I felt bad leaving him outside in the cold). He chose out these cool buttons with Pegasus’ on them, aren’t they cool?! AND THEN he bought them for me. What a good man.

Very good.

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