0degrees Mushrooms and Alameda

So Leimomi of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network was hanging out with Juliet and decided that most of us share some fabrics and patterns and we could probably make a chain linked up of fabric and patterns through.. well.. all of us !

So I made the Pauline Alice Alameda in some Mushrooms Drill fabric linking with Nikki through the pattern and Kat through the fabric. Thanks to Juliet for taking the photos!


Before I started I had to change the pattern around slightly because in my previous Alameda the bust gapes at the arm. I took the seam in on both the front and side front bodice pieces by 1.8cm tapering down to the apex of the bust (that’s the right word.. right?)


Much better now! Muchly thanks to Kat for helping me, telling me how to change the pattern around.


I didn’t have any problems with the pattern.. fits together nicely an takes less than 2m fabric for the shell!

(sorry pics of the bra straps.. ugh, always happens!


I also removed the flounce from the bottom and extended the skirt pieces. Mostly because, directional fabric and I didn’t want upside down mushrooms in places. But also cause it was just gonna be too much going on.


POCKETS ! I enjoy pockets.

I used chocolate brown poplin for the piping and black lining for the umm.. lining.


And I also have my little label which I love !



OAL Outfit Along

Hi hi !

A couple of months ago my sis decided it would be a good idea to join in the OAL outfit along with Andi Satterlund from Untangling Knots and Lauren from Lladybird. Oh my gosh, it totally was a good idea. I KNITTED A THING!

front_side cardi sitting

Kat also knitted a thing. Together we knitted the same thing. Win.

We used the same wool – Crucci Landscapes – but different colours – mine is the Forest and Kat’s is the Lava.


The outfit along consisted of a cardigan and a dress. I decided to go with the chosen Myrna by Andi Satterlund for the cardigan.

For the dress I chose the Alameda Dress by Pauline Alice. This is the pattern that I won from my Circley Tiramisu Dress in Indie Pattern Month “New To Me” challenge. Thanks again to everyone who voted for me, I absolutely LOVE this pattern.

The Myrna knitted up quite quickly considering this is my first knitting project. The other knitting projects I have done were scarfs when I was a kid that I never completed and.. I didn’t actually start them either, that was mummys job, you’re amazing mummy!

I found the pattern very straight forward to follow and the only thing that really confused me were the short rows – I think I did my left side 4 times and then realised I was following the instructions for the right side.. awkward.

back cardi

The keyhole in the centre back looks AWFUL until you touch it up and then it looks really good, I am so pleased with it!

keyhole cardi

Since my waist seems to be quite high – as in, I usually take everything up by about an inch to make it fit properly – the cardigan sits a little bit too low and wrinkles. Good to know for next time so I can try to take it up a little bit? HA that’s if I can figure out how to do that.

buttons cardi

The buttons I found in my stash and were cheap ones from Spotlight back in the day. My flatmates helped me choose them and I am happy with the result, well done flatties!

neckline cardi

Neckline detail – it looks pretty good I reckon!

sleeve cardi

Sleeve, which unfortunately does not sit properly at the underarm across to my boob – lame! Maybe I actually needed to put more stitches in here since I now have total guns from the gym. W00t gym, guns not so much.


EEEEE dress – look at the flounce at the bottom, beautiful! On a side note – not sure what face I’m pulling there.

front dress looking down

The Alameda Dress by Pauline Alice is lovely. It has piping down the princess seams, a flounce along the bottom, an invisible zip up the back and is fully lined.

pockets front dress

I haven’t made up a Pauline Alice pattern before and the instructions were lovely to follow!

I also used the pocket pieces from the skirt on view B (view B is a skirt with flounce and invisible zip and pockets and a crop top).

back dress looking down

Excuse the bra straps!

I used a quilting fabric that I got at Made on Marion about a month ago when I got 3 fillings at the dentist. Poor Maryanne, she had to talk to me when I couldn’t make my mouth move properly cause the numbing stuff. Bahahahah must’ve been quite hard to not laugh at me I reckon.

The lining I found in my stash – last piece, just enough! Awesome, cause I totally forgot to buy some for this.

back dress open zip

The piping I made myself by using the instructions from my Birdy Bluet post, which need a bit of touching up, so I might put it into a tutorial post of its own, easy to find for next time!

I used a dark chocolate-brown poplin from my sisters stash – thanks sis!

front bodice lining

So the dress is fully lined, as in the only ONLY seam that isn’t enclosed is the CB on the flounce since the flounce isn’t lined.

The pattern says to hand stitch the lining around the zip and around the bottom. Umm.. that is definitely not a thing that I do, not anymore anyway, I HATE HAND STITCHING!!

Right, so.. I used my zipper foot to attach lining to zip down to the bottom of the lining with a bit left unstitched so I could fold it under.

I then folded it under and top stitched it around the bottom – fully encased, no hand stitching, total win!

front lining dress
There is a bit of gaping around the armholes, but it’s because I was making this in winter, in my cold cold room and did not want to try it on during the process. Also, I don’t make muslins cause lazy.

I can deal with a bit of gaping since the rest of the dress looks damn good!

I took in the centre back seam by about 1cm on each side since it was a bit big and perfect! Love it! Favourite make so far!


eeeeeeeee pretty waterfall pic, enjoy!


Birdy Bleuet

 Some of the WSBN (Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network) decided (a while ago I think!) that we should go to Staglands wearing a Deer and Doe garment that we had made. Staglands, Deer and Doe – this totally goes together. Below, I’m wearing a Deer and Doe Bleuet feeding  some doe. Win.

feeding doe

Staglands is a cross between a wildlife reserve, a zoo, a petting zoo, and beautiful gardens. There were so many awesome animals and they were really friendly. Some were a little too friendly and really wanted some food.. lucky me, I got jumped on by a goat, which gave my bruises on my legs.

jumping goat

It wasn’t a hard choice for me to make the Bleuet as the girls that told me about Staglands day showed me the pattern they were making and I couldn’t say no! The bleuet is a wonderful dress, so many awesome things about it – a collar, puff sleeves, buttons, and princess seams. Oh AND A BOW!

I was in love.

Deer and Doe Bleuet

Making it however, was not so easy. I got stuck on so many things in the instructions – which of course didn’t surprise me because I have a hard enough time following other peoples patterns anyway. So I had pretty much the entire dress made (as much as I could) before I realised that the patterns NEVER tells you to sew up the shoulder seams. I wasn’t even the one that realised it, my sister did when I was trying to fit it haha without shoulder seams – smart!

But thats ok cause I touched a deer antlers and they are SO SOFT. Like velvet.


Since my sister Kat came along, so did her man and their toddler who was squirming to get away from the sheep. The sheep that can’t see, right? Cause the horns. Crazy design.

escaping nephew

Right, so about the actual dress !

The fabric is pretty quilting cotton from Arthur Toye fabric store in Wellington, 4 days before it closed down *cries*. My first and only visit to that amazing store.

Kat thought I should do piping down the princess seams, which I really wanted to do because it meant learning to make bias binding and then making the piping, what a novelty! So I stuck into doing that first thing and I used a bright pink polyester that we had found the weekend before at the SPCA open day in Wellington which belongs to the back of a duvet cover costing us $1.

The buttons I found in my stash, after about 2 hours of um-ing and ah-ing with my flatmate to just narrow it down to “think it over” for a couple days following that. I only used 10 buttons because that was all I had of that colour !

buttons and piping

Bias binding is incredibly easy to make and I followed instructions from Kat as I was going. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the pictures, I can’t find them 😦 but I will try to describe what I did!!

First cut the fabric into a square.

Next is to cut a bit off one side in a triangle shape (sorry but I can’t remember how big) this is to sew on the other side so instead of a square it now looks like a parallelogram.

Now measure (I think we did 5cm) parallel lines from on side to the other following the slant of the sides of the parallelogram.

The next bit is the tricky bit and I don’t even know if the above stuff makes sense enough for this bit to even try to make sense! So we want to sew the top and the bottom of the parallelogram together to make a cylinder type thing and match up the lines. To do this pin the top and bottom together right sides together but try to match the lines 1/4 inch below the edge of the fabric so that they will be matched up on the seam line when turning the fabric out.

After sewing that you can now cut along the lines and will have a long strip of fabric.

Press in half.

Yay bias binding complete (if you could follow those instructions). I was going to link to Kat’s page because I think she has a tutorial on how to make bias binding, but I couldn’t find it so Kat please comment below !!

With the bias binding, it is super easy to make piping, just use a zipper foot and as you sew push the piping in towards the pressed edge as far as possible.



The fun parts about making this dress is that I got to learn things and do things I have never done before. Including the bias binding, piping, collar, bow, hem facing (picture above, which I am SO proud of), and gathered sleeves, EEP gathered sleeves, I still think they are waaay too girly with all the pink going on. It’s a little bit of a love/hate relationship with them, but they are still attached so I think the love is winning!

A bunny collar

I got to hold a bunny.

4 of us made the same dress, but they still all look so different ! Looking fabulous girls !


Backwards quaduplets