This Side, or That Side?

In 2013 I was making these reversible bags to raise money to move to Wellington (or just spend it on Friday drinks – my bad !).

So anyway, I was making these out of curtain or upholstery fabric that I had in my stash because for some reason I had quite a lot of it…………


I don’t have many pictures but this is one of the bags I made.

It has a long shoulder strap and a pocket on each of the fronts .. I tried to match the pattern quite well so.. good luck finding it 😛


Not sure why I’m showing you this actually.. but I started making this post when I first made my blog, so may as well finish it, right?

YaY bag !

I made one for my sis for her bday too and she uses it for her knitting, seems to be working quite well.

I think I managed to sell about 7 of these.