2014 Summed up

I’m writing this post just to reflect on what I’ve made through the year and what I like and dislike and so on and so forth. It might not be very interesting but it’s more for me than for you! 😀

I’ve been sewing since high school but I haven’t really been making much.. if that makes sense. I did lots of applique type stuff and just pissing about mostly. 2014 was when I really started sewing for myself and of course when I started knitting.

After making all these things for myself and wearing some of them and not others.. I think I’ve figured out what I need and more importantly, what I want.

I LOVE CROCHET. Especially little toy animal amuragami things. I have made a few for the 2014 Christmas secret santas too, including a turtle for a tree decoration and a dinosaur for a workmate – so much fun and they are so cute!


Crocheting is definitely a keep.


Knitting – ALSO so good to be able to wear stuff that I’ve made – love it! But have to be more careful about my tension and length so they don’t turn out like my tiny little Hetty cardi.

Hetty front 2

Main thing I learned about wearing knitted/warm garments is that I need them to be long sleeved or I probably won’t wear them. Goodbye Hetty!

However, my Marion can stay (post coming soon).

Now for the sewing stuff. I learned a lot about what dresses I will wear. Mainly because I would much rather wear jeans.

My favourite dress is my Alameda by Pauline Alice. It is super comfy, the perfect length and has pockets, POCKETS !!! A bit gapey in the arm holes but I can live with that. It’s also a nice neutral colour without too much crazy pattern happening.

pockets front dress

Ah.. patterns. I love patterned fabric. It’s the stuff I’m most attracted to in the store and I just beeline straight for it. I don’t like wearing it though. It’s too much. Or maybe it’s just my pattern choices.. hmm..

I really like my Bluet as well. I don’t wear it as much though because the pattern just puts me off (although I LOVE the pattern – is so pretty yo!) and the puffy sleeves made me angry. I changed the sleeves to be flat and took off the pink binding on them and now I wear it way more.

Puffy sleeves = NO!

jumping goat

Oh.. my coffee dress. I actually hate you. Not my style at all. the skirt is too straight. The arms are WAY too tight. Although it is a perfect length.


My cherries dress is awesome, way too short though and possibly too tight. Way too tight around the arms as well so I don’t generally wear it much unfortunately, especially cause I put A LOT of work into this one.

Front in sun


I made so many things in June, I went crazy.

I’m not gonna picture these though cause this is getting REALLY long.

Basically I love my Lady Skater (except that it gives me electric shocks when I touch metal, sigh). Ah.. plain colours are so good.

I didn’t like the Tiramisu because too long – but then I cut it shorter (just above the knee) and wear it all the time!

La Sylphide – such a pretty pattern and material but WAAAAY too short so I have only actually worn it once.. hmm…

And my Bellatrix Blazer is too tight and I don’t wear it, sigh, I was so proud of that one too.


My Reglisse!!!

I actually do love it. But I haven’t worn it yet (except to the halloween party I made it for) because I haven’t finished it yet (such a slacker!). I will probably make it shorter as well and I need to fix the elastic because it’s a little bit bigger than the waist band it fits into (my bad!)

eeeeeeee, that’s all my dresses!!

Skirts.. I don’t wear much.. so I probably won’t make many more of those. Although I LOVE my Petal, I currently do not have any tops that go with it.. *sigh*

My Ensis tee’s I love and my Coppelia Cardi is amazing. I love these. I need more. MORE !

What I find most I wear out of my wardrobe are my Ensis Tee’s, jeans and cardi’s.

I need to make jeans, JEANS !

All up:

Warm garments must have long sleeves. (Knitted cardigans)

Puffy sleeves are not good. (Bluet)

Sleeves must not be tight. (Coffee dress and Cherries dress)

Straight skirts are not good. (Coffee dress)

Skirt length should be just above the knees. (All dresses)

Plain colours are VERY good (Lady Skater)

MAKE JEANS and more t-shirts!


The Hetty Cardigan

Several months ago (SO behind on blogging cause lazy), I made the Hetty Cardi by Andi Satterlund.

Actually, I made it at the same time as Kat made hers and after an awesome high tea at Petone we took pictures by the beach!

In fact, you can kinda tell how behind I am on my blogging since my hair is now shoulder length.. uhem..

Hetty front 1

ANYWAYS! The Hetty!!!

I made this using the Crucci Landscapes yarn found on the Skeinz website.

It’s 75% wool and 25% alpaca and SO SOFT so I can actually use it. Oh, and naturally, it’s 10ply since all of Andi Satterlund patterns are 10ply.

This is the same yarn I used for my Mryna in my OAL Outfit Along in July.

Hetty front 2

The Hetty is a beautiful pattern with lots of eyelet detail which is easy enough to knit up, although I think I went back several rows at several times so.. maybe not that easy?. However it was only my second cardigan so.. gimme some credit yo!

Honestly, I love the pattern, I love the neckline looking at it here but I HATE THE SHORT SLEEVES. Oh and also it’s way too tight and too short.

Hetty back 1

So for these photos I actually pulled it down constantly trying to make it look better but it only just covers my bust. In saying that, that was my fault because I did make it shorter since my Mryna was just slightly too long and bunches at my waist.

However for the amount of rows I took out I didn’t think it would be THIS much shorter.. hmm… note to self – try on cardi as it’s being made.

I just put the below photo in cause oh my gosh I look happy!

Hetty back 2

The other thing I didn’t do was check my gauge. Considering that I had just made my Mryna and it was knit loosely I’m quite surprised that this turned out this tight. As in.. the buttons keep popping open haha

This pattern did teach me that I don’t look short sleeves on warmer garments though. Usually I overheat so if I’m gonna be wearing any woollen then I want ALL of me covered otherwise my hands are gonna get cold and then I get sad. And then I generally get hungry and then I get hangry cause that’s just how I roll.. I’m always hungry. mmMmm cheezles.


Hetty side 1

Alice in Reglisse

So this Halloween my man and I decided to go as Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. What better dress to make than the Deer and Doe Reglisse?!

eeeeeeeeeee it’s SO cute right?!

front skirt

I didn’t want a plain blue dress and I found this gingham at the Fabric-a-Brac a couple of weeks ago in Wellington – total WIN!

Oh, and of course the pale blue contrast cause pure gingham was gonna be WAAAY too much.


I may have also not finished the hem (pictures were taken on 31st October) and wore it to the party like this. Dress is currently still not finished.

I also have trouble with the elastic twisting and folding inside the waistband. Usually when I use elastic I make a line of stay-stitching type stuff (I don’t know what this is called..) down the length of the elastic (stretched out obviously) so that it doesn’t twist but I got lazy, SO LAZY!


Did I mention that this amazing dress has a neck tie?! So good!

Neck tie, cap sleeves and elastic waistband, can’t go wrong right?

Front bodice

I made size 42 and it fits really well. Could have possibly used less elastic but my shoulders are SO much wider than my waist that I wouldn’t have been able to get it past them – awkward.

Also have some sun spots on these photos – my bad. It was a really sunny day.


Full circle skirt – look at all the fabric! I added some to the bottom to balance out the top and cause it would have uber short.. Starting to get a little self-conscience about the short skirts especially at work.. hmm old age perhaps?


All of the blue.

Front with Apron 2

To make it more Alice in Wonderland like I made a matching apron with little pockets, awwwwmygawwwd pockets, BOOM!

Front with apron

I didn’t have any bias binding and could not be bothered to make any (also don’t have a little gadgety thing). So the neckline has just been overlocked and pressed flat. A lot. It did not want to stay flat. Bias binding would have been good.

Back - collar

The gingham was SO see-through that I had to line it with something, luckily I was cutting the fabric out at my sister’s place who had some yellow poplin I could use, THANKS SIS!

It makes it look so cute!


I love this dress, it is so awesomely cute.. however not my usual style so I don’t actually know if I will wear it again but it is super comfy so will definitely be making this pattern up again.

Teeheehee there’s a little shop toy of my nephew’s in the corner of the photo.

Aww yeah, my sewing space!

Gemma from Sixty Six Stitches decided it would be a good idea to check out everyone’s sewing space. It totally is, I love looking at what people have done to make their spaces theirs!

Gemma started off the tour and there’s been one a day. Yesterday was Nicola’s and tomorrow will be Maryanne’s.

This post is gonna be mainly pictures, cause talking right now is like ugghhhh no.

My sewing room is also my bedroom, because flatting.


There it is.

The ol’ sewing machine, overlocker and cat.

I had to put the cat bed or something Lola could sleep on NEXT to my machines otherwise she tries to sit on me insistently and omg annoying.


My overlocker I name.. “My Overlocker”


It’s a Bernina 700D which I got when I was 19 and I saved up for it all by myself 🙂

sewing machine

My sewing machine named “My Sewing Machine” (No, I don’t have an imagination, thank you very much).

It’s a Bernina Activa 220 which I went halvsies with my mummy for my 18th bday, it was all very exciting, LOOK AT ALL THE BUTTONS !

Also, Lucy my pincushion is sitting next to her all lovely.. she used to look like this:

Pincushion Polly

But her eyes fell off and now live in a jar..


..on the shelf next to My Sewing Machine.

Poor Lucy..


The shelf has lots of exciting things on it from embroidery thread to a cool calender to jars of buttons and nail polish.


This is my lion (I might have named when I was younger but have totally forgotten now). I shall name him “My Lion” just to be consistent.

My Lion lives next to my old Misery t-shirt that got too tight so lives in a frame. My Lion also guards a jar of cool buttons shaped like dragonflies and stuff. My Lion was given to me by my sis when I was board and she chose it cause it can brush it’s own hair (long arms). My Lion also has old cookie dough mixed stuck to its general mouth area as we used to have lots of picnics.


I have pegboard that needs WAY more pegs on it and I can’t put things on my walls *sigh* so it sits leaning against the wall. I seriously need to do something with that pegboard, it looks so boring that I might die.



This is the mascot cat.

She sleeps on a cat bed on top of a pile of fabric that I didn’t have anywhere else to put 😀


Underneath mascot cat are miscellaneous items of the time: bobbins, more buttons and some patterns.

Underneath that are all my threads, a sewing box of random shit and a bin of remnants, *drools* remnants.


Next to mascot cat and remnants are my current projects, thrown aside when I got bored (And my computer but eh).

In this pile there is a cut out La Sylphide blouse, a half-sewn Seamster Avocado mens hoodie and my knitting.

Also my hottie down the side for cold days cause seriously.. COLD.


My stash lives to the right of my bed, as in, you can see my lamp on my bedside table right there.

There are 6 boxes of it at the moment and a big pile on top, mmmMmmm fabric.

Some of my current favourites:


Birdies that my mummy brought back from the states for my bday present, THANKS MUMMY! This needs to be a dress with a full skirt I reckon so that I can get that full pattern in there.


She also brought back the pirates for me which is definitely also a dress! ..actually she brought back the mushrooms (below) which I already had, oh mummy you know me so well 😛 So Kat and I swapped since we got them at the same time in the same parcel.


I already had the shrooms. The shrooms are still one of my favourites, but I only have 2m of the shrooms, what do I do with 2m of shrooms? Well I reckon the Papercut Sigma dress would be mint!


This is some Japanese cotton that I got at Fabric-a-brac in April this year (same time as shrooms!).

OH MY GAWWD it is SO CUTE. I need to wear this all of the time. ALL OF THE TIME!

It definitely needs to be a thing.

Definitely a super cute thing.

Like the Pauline Alice Alameda Dress.

Except it won’t get the awesomeness of the print I don’t reckon.. I must think on this.

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21st: ME !
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22nd: Elisabeth

Lacey Coppelia


Hello dear friends and welcome back!

This time, I have made the Coppelia Cardigan by Papercut.

I actually made this back in April or May, can’t remember which (oops), for the sew knits month. The blog post has been sitting on my to-do-list for AGES as in – the last saved draft (the pictures) are from the 22nd July, whoa. I made it up the same time I made my Ensis Tee’s.


Then I took it for a road trip from Dunedin to Wellington. On this day we were travelling from Oamaru to Kaikoura. The photos are taking just before Ashburton and in Ashburton next to (I think it’s the war memorial from memory). I actually got a couple toots while getting my photo taken there…


Right, the top!

It was not fun to make.. but quite funny.. as in.. laugh at me.

  The sleeves are sewn to the shoulder area and then the sides are sewn from the wrist to the hem all the way in one.

I have never done sleeves like this before.. (well I’ve done lots now, but then I had NO IDEA what was doing on)

front statue

So you’ve got the 2 front pieces that cross over, the back piece and then 2 sleeves.


I thought I was doing pretty well, ya know.. I had my back piece connected to my sleeves and my sleeves connected to the front pieces.

And then I lay it out.


I can’t remember exactly what was wrong with it, but basically the sleeves were BOTH sewn in wrong. The front pieces were the wrong way around and who even knows what was going on with the back piece.

Kat looked at it and just laughed. And laughed. And probably laughed some more. Fair enough too.

After I then cut all the seams out (luckily this fabric had lots of forgiveness), I then had to run to her to make sure I had pinned it correctly before each seam, YUSS I’m a child again!

But for reals, thanks Kat, you’re a star.

tree stump

Last thing about it was the stupid fabric. It’s so SO pretty but so SO annoying to sew with. Kept missing it in the overlocker (oh yeah, whole top made on the overlocker) and pins kept falling out and just general rage, ya know?

I was quite glad to be finished it, apart from that I can’t actually think of anything that annoyed me in that pattern. I know LOVE this way of putting in sleeves and it’s such a nice top of casual and formal, pffft formal. Ahem.

OH and when we were in Oamaru, we went into this really cool art shop/exhibition and I found Lucy. Lucy is awesome. Lucy is made by a 70 year old lady (told to me by the shop keeper) with what has to be a a very visual and crazy imagination..

Pincushion Polly


Her nose is a boot.

The Carly Petal


I made the Petal Skirt by Papercut!

The Petal Skirt is a wrap around with front pleats and back darts and curves up on the hem at the front to look like a petal. It’s so pretty 😀


The pattern and fabric were given to me by the lovely Mel and my awesome sis Kat.

It was part of a care package for when my kitty Carly died. I was quite upset. She was such a lovely cat and only 2 and a half years old. And SO CUTE ! So you can have photos 😀

Carly sleeping

She also liked to sleep in my shoes rack.

Carly shoes

Anyway, back to the skirt! Obviously named after the pattern and Carly 😀

It was a really nice pattern to sew up, only 4 pattern pieces and very quick.


The fabric is a cotton sateen, amazing to sew with but it did not like to be ironed so I couldn’t quite get my seams flat before I top stitched them :-/

But that’s ok, just don’t look really close..


 The two front pieces overlap and are supposed to be held together by skirt hook n eyes. I didn’t have these things, but I did have buttons!

The front pieces are the same pattern piece and so both have the two pleats at the front. I guess this is so you can choose which way you want to overlap them? Maybe by using the hook n eyes you can overlap them different ways however you choose.. though that does not make sense in my brain, so maybe just ignore that I said that? Cool. Continue.


The pleats I also top stitched down by about 5cm just so that they wouldn’t stick out so much right by the waist band, I always seem to do this with pleats. Makes it easier to sew the waistband on too 😀

The pattern did say to stitch them down a bit though, maybe I just went a bit overboard 😛

ghost button

Perused my button stash and found 2, quite different.. but that’s fine. One kinda looks like a little ghost. It makes me happy.


 The facing came together quite well too. It was a little confusing a first, but then I realised that I had done my pleats wrong so actually.. The pattern pieces were perfect and I can’t read 😛

In saying that, I’m not entirely sure I followed the pleat pattern thing properly since I ended up with 2 triangles sticking up at the top and had to trim those off.

But hey! Finished product = good, therefore who cares?!



I don’t think there is much else to say, apart from, I need more t-shirt type things that will fit properly into waist-high skirts..

I pretty much never wear waist-high things so never have had this problem.. until now *sigh*

Look at how the petal looks there!!!!


HA I just realised.. there’s like this white dot right on my nose.. looks like my face is missing a pixel.

OAL Outfit Along

Hi hi !

A couple of months ago my sis decided it would be a good idea to join in the OAL outfit along with Andi Satterlund from Untangling Knots and Lauren from Lladybird. Oh my gosh, it totally was a good idea. I KNITTED A THING!

front_side cardi sitting

Kat also knitted a thing. Together we knitted the same thing. Win.

We used the same wool – Crucci Landscapes – but different colours – mine is the Forest and Kat’s is the Lava.


The outfit along consisted of a cardigan and a dress. I decided to go with the chosen Myrna by Andi Satterlund for the cardigan.

For the dress I chose the Alameda Dress by Pauline Alice. This is the pattern that I won from my Circley Tiramisu Dress in Indie Pattern Month “New To Me” challenge. Thanks again to everyone who voted for me, I absolutely LOVE this pattern.

The Myrna knitted up quite quickly considering this is my first knitting project. The other knitting projects I have done were scarfs when I was a kid that I never completed and.. I didn’t actually start them either, that was mummys job, you’re amazing mummy!

I found the pattern very straight forward to follow and the only thing that really confused me were the short rows – I think I did my left side 4 times and then realised I was following the instructions for the right side.. awkward.

back cardi

The keyhole in the centre back looks AWFUL until you touch it up and then it looks really good, I am so pleased with it!

keyhole cardi

Since my waist seems to be quite high – as in, I usually take everything up by about an inch to make it fit properly – the cardigan sits a little bit too low and wrinkles. Good to know for next time so I can try to take it up a little bit? HA that’s if I can figure out how to do that.

buttons cardi

The buttons I found in my stash and were cheap ones from Spotlight back in the day. My flatmates helped me choose them and I am happy with the result, well done flatties!

neckline cardi

Neckline detail – it looks pretty good I reckon!

sleeve cardi

Sleeve, which unfortunately does not sit properly at the underarm across to my boob – lame! Maybe I actually needed to put more stitches in here since I now have total guns from the gym. W00t gym, guns not so much.


EEEEE dress – look at the flounce at the bottom, beautiful! On a side note – not sure what face I’m pulling there.

front dress looking down

The Alameda Dress by Pauline Alice is lovely. It has piping down the princess seams, a flounce along the bottom, an invisible zip up the back and is fully lined.

pockets front dress

I haven’t made up a Pauline Alice pattern before and the instructions were lovely to follow!

I also used the pocket pieces from the skirt on view B (view B is a skirt with flounce and invisible zip and pockets and a crop top).

back dress looking down

Excuse the bra straps!

I used a quilting fabric that I got at Made on Marion about a month ago when I got 3 fillings at the dentist. Poor Maryanne, she had to talk to me when I couldn’t make my mouth move properly cause the numbing stuff. Bahahahah must’ve been quite hard to not laugh at me I reckon.

The lining I found in my stash – last piece, just enough! Awesome, cause I totally forgot to buy some for this.

back dress open zip

The piping I made myself by using the instructions from my Birdy Bluet post, which need a bit of touching up, so I might put it into a tutorial post of its own, easy to find for next time!

I used a dark chocolate-brown poplin from my sisters stash – thanks sis!

front bodice lining

So the dress is fully lined, as in the only ONLY seam that isn’t enclosed is the CB on the flounce since the flounce isn’t lined.

The pattern says to hand stitch the lining around the zip and around the bottom. Umm.. that is definitely not a thing that I do, not anymore anyway, I HATE HAND STITCHING!!

Right, so.. I used my zipper foot to attach lining to zip down to the bottom of the lining with a bit left unstitched so I could fold it under.

I then folded it under and top stitched it around the bottom – fully encased, no hand stitching, total win!

front lining dress
There is a bit of gaping around the armholes, but it’s because I was making this in winter, in my cold cold room and did not want to try it on during the process. Also, I don’t make muslins cause lazy.

I can deal with a bit of gaping since the rest of the dress looks damn good!

I took in the centre back seam by about 1cm on each side since it was a bit big and perfect! Love it! Favourite make so far!


eeeeeeeee pretty waterfall pic, enjoy!


La Sylphide Deranged

eeeeeee Papercut La Sylphide SO PRETTY !

I made this dress as part of the Indie Fan Girl competition on The Monthly Stitch.

Fake Street Dress Front 2

Indie Fan Girl is a competition where you have to make 2 garments from 1 Indie pattern designer to create an outfit.

I made this with the Bellatrix Blazer which is why I called it ‘Deranged’ – Deranged Bellatrix from Harry Potter?

Graffiti Front

Oh wow.. the more I look at this dress the more I like it, it’s so cute and pretty and gorgeous.

Woman Graffiti Dress Marilyn Monroe

This pattern was again, so easy to put together. The pictures make all the difference and didn’t take me long at all to put it together.

I made the size M as per my measurements and lengthened the hem by about 20cm (which I then cut off later on anyway).

Woman Graffiti Dress Back

The fabric is rayon which I found for $3 at Fabric-a-Brac in April. What a score! It was 3m by 90cm wide so was a bit of a mission cutting this beauty out of it.

I had to create a seam down the CB of the skirt pieces since it was so full it didn’t fit in the fabric..

I also left the neck piece until last when cutting out *sigh* and I ran out of fabric. My god I seem to be getting good at that!

Woman Graffiti Dress Ties

When I came to the part of sewing the neck tie, I then decided to do something about it and that was when the added length to the skirt came off to fix the problem.

Woman Graffiti Dress Ties Length

Since the skirt is quite full, the neck tie turned out a bit long. I like it though, long is good! It sits so nicely in this fabric as well.

Fake Street Dress Front Skirt

However, it made the dress a little short.. eep

Graffiti Looking Over Shoulder Windy

REALLY have to watch out for that wind now.

Fake Street Dress Neck Tie

I took the waist in by about a half inch on each side and I should probably take it in by another half inch each side again because it is still a little big around there, however I am hesitant because I don’t want to end up with weird lines under my bust which it already does by creases, this stuff creases so quick!

Graffiti Back MJ pose

Whole outfit, doing a cool pose! Aww yeah!

Tree Dress Buttons

The dress is fastened by buttons right up the CF. I used 10 in all and chose my own button placements cause that always seems easiest.

The buttons I got on special from Spotlight when I was working there about 5 years ago. I think they are brand Beuton (?).

Once the dress was constructed, I hung it overnight for the hem to settle since the skirt is quite round. They also mention this in the instructions which is awesome because I have never seen it before only heard about it from the WSBN.

Woman Graffiti Dress Front 2

Next day I hemmed it – the shortest part was the button placket (YUSS). So took off.. well only surprisingly small amounts to bring it to that length.

After that I decided to roll hem the bottom because, well.. that is the easiest type of hem IN THE WORLD and they look great and they are so fast.

HOWEVER, the fabric decided it did not want to be roll hemmed, ugh. So I just ended up folding it up 1cm and stitching it down, it’s not the prettiest but I didn’t want to loose any more length!

Fake Street Dress Back

Right, I think that’s all. Time for the deets!

Pattern: Papercut La Sylphide

Fabric: Rayon 3m x 90cm $3

Notions: Buttons x 10 from stash

Bluak Bellatrix

Hi everybody!

Hi Dr Nick!

How you all doing?

I’m good. Just on my lunch break at work. Aww yeah, blogging at lunch time, win!

Graffiti Front Button

Anyways, I made the Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut as part of my Indie Fan Girl outfit along with a La Sylphide by Papercut.

Indie Fan Girl is a competition this year – this month – this week. June – Indie pattern month.

Basically you had to make an outfit of at least 2 patterns from an Indie designer – but only 1 Indie designer, couldn’t mix and match them. This is why I chose Papercut. I absolutely love the patterns that Papercut has to offer and they have a wide range of patterns to choose from which makes life so much easier for the outfit choice! I wanted a blazer/jacket – sorted.

Graffiti Front

However, then it got hard.

I decided I wanted the blazer but then what to go with it? A skirt and top? Pants and top? Dress?

OMG LA SYLPHIDE ! Sooooo pretty !!

Woman Graffiti Full

Back to the blazer though.

I made this out of a remnant that my sis pulled out of the remnants bin at The Fabric Warehouse in Wellington – my first time there too. It is so brilliant!

The fabric itself was amazing it was hard to cut it up. And now I’m gutted I didn’t take a picture first! Imagine this though.. Selvage edges are both black and then grading into this vibrant bright blue right down the middle.


Yellow Wall Blazer Close Up Back

We agreed that it was some sort of wool blend which of course is perfect for said blazer in middle of winter. (Is it really winter if there is no snow or is it just an extended Autumn..?) I feel like I’ve been gypped though, Wellington is cool, people say it gets cold, but there is no snow. It’s all a large conspiracy. WHERE IS MY SNOW ?!?!?!?!?

Tree Fluffy Thing

Right.. so.. Since it was a remnant ($5 – WIN !!!) there was only about a Metre of it at looked like 1.5m wide and with the grading, well I seriously had to place my pattern pieces carefully. Chose to have the blue at the top and black at the bottom. I also did the shorter variation (Variation 2??) as I didn’t have quite enough material for the longer version.

After cutting out the main “outside” pattern pieces I had sufficiently run out of fabric for the facing. Except then it was pointed out to me that the front “facing” piece will be showing because it’s part of the collar and gets folded over – omg I am SO SMART…

Yellow Wall Blazer Close Up

SO.. then I had to find out how to cut that bit off and the answer came with, make this piece into 2 pieces and then join them together! So I did that, however when I went to cut the pieces I ended up cutting them both exactly the same so I then had to use the wrong side for one of the pieces, can you tell which one though?

Blazer Pocket and Button

Now onto the actual pattern. (Sorry guys, this seems to be getting like a long post, but come on, I’m at work, procrastinating and am on a serious rant at the moment so just enjoy it)

The pattern came together REALLY well.. The welt pockets – which I have never done before and scared the begeezes out of me – were done in the easiest way and they look SO GOOD.

Lunch break over, BOOM !

Blazer Pocket Lining

Oh my gosh, next day lunch break, here we go again!

The pattern was really easy to follow for the most part. I did get confused by a couple of things though.

The pattern pictures are based on the longer variation blazer and I like to follow pictures, especially Papercut pictures as they make things so easy! However, the longer variation has different bottom pieces to the pattern and are straight along the bottom at the front rounded at the corner. The shorter variation bottom piece is longer on one side than the other and naturally I thought the longer edges would go down the side seams.

Graffiti Back

I was wrong.

Graffiti Side 2

There was probably something on the pattern stating where the CF was that I just completely missed, but either way I managed to put them on wrong and when it came to sewing the blazer altogether I finally figured it out and had to unpick the pockets/bottom pieces and switch them over to the other side of the blazer.

Blazer Front Side Button

The other part I found difficult was attaching the sleeve cuff lining to the sleeve cuffs. I have never made a lined blazer, or any sort of blazer-like thing before so I was desperatly following the instructions at this point. However I must have done something wrong at this point because after I sewed this seam and tried to turn it the other way, it didn’t work at all, that shit was cray-cray!

So I did it my own way.

Fake Street Open Jacket

When blazer was still un-turned through the lining gap I reached through between blazer sleeve and lining sleeve and pulled them through the lining gap. From here I machine stitched the cuff facing to the cuff lining which actually looks mental (thought I took a picture, my bad!) and when I turned them through properly they were all happy as! YAY !

Graffiti Side

Now summary of deets!


Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut


A wool blend (?) remnant from Fabric Warehouse Wellington $5

A synthetic polka dot lining from my stash

A quilting remnant from Spotlight about 5 years ago $1


1 large black button from my stash.

Wow.. I am so uber proud of this blazer.

Circley Tiramisu

feature 2

A couple of weeks ago I needed to make something out of this really cool circle knit fabric that I found at Fabric-a-Brac. And I mean I NEEDED to.. it was like a life or death situation type of thing.. I’ll let you ponder that for a while…

side 2

OK I lied, it wasn’t, but it felt like it! What cool fabric!


I used the Tiramisu pattern by Cake.


EEE this dress is so much fun to wear. SO MUCH FUN.

And super easy to make/follow instructions.

It me about a day to sew up – if that.. I go slowly cause I like to watch TV things at the same time.. *ashamed face*

 front looking down

Right, so I’m gonna start with the pattern deets.

It is very easy to follow the instructions and only takes 8 pattern pieces – 7 if you don’t have pockets.

There is gathering under the bust as it goes into the waistband which gives it a bit more shape. YaY Shape!

I didn’t make the pockets. Big sis told me not to do the pockets as they sit funny in this dress.. although I am gutted because when a pattern doesn’t have pockets I ALWAYS FORGET to add them and then I am sad face.


So, why do I always, ALWAYS, look down when I’m having my picture taken? I have to force myself to look up, ick cameras, HIDE…

When cutting/tracing out the pattern it helps you grade out to your individual size, which I thought was awesome. I don’t think I have ever graded a pattern before and these instructions made it incredibly easy and didn’t take too much extra time for the cutting/tracing.


All the pattern pieces have the grainline (Which is normal anyway), but on top of that they have a stripe line so that you know which way your stripes need to go. HOW FANCY IS THAT?! It made me wish I was using a stripey fabric for this. BUT I’m still happy, look at that smile down there!! This is what some of my friends call my “critter face” – so much smile that my eyes scrunch up and I look like a critter – generally happens when I’m drinking :-/


 The instructions were very clear, I knew exactly what needed to go where and when and how and so many pictures.. *drools* I love pictures.

back close up

What I did find a little weird was the pattern fitting between step 7 and step 8 which is just the bodice pieces all together. This didn’t make sense to me cause.. why wouldn’t you just wait until the skirt pieces were on their too to fit the garment?

I kinda figured out why in the end. But only kinda!

neck line

So I had to take the waist in a lot and under the arms as it gave me really bad bat wings (sorry no picture).. I brought it in, I can’t remember how much now… I think at my waist it was about an inch either side (eep!).

On top of this adjustment I needed to bring the waistband up by about an inch as well, how did it end up SO BIG?!

twirl one

Well.. it might have been the pattern, but also, this fabric is quite heavy so it is dragging it down quite a bit, that skirt has a lotta fabric yo!

Anyways this could be the reason for fitting the bodice before attaching the skirt, would have been so much easier to do it at this point.

twirl three

So when I took up the waistband I had to redo the gathering under the boobs cause I just cut that seam off, screw unpicking that!

This made the bodice pieces shorter and because they criss1cross at the front I needed to find the points to gather between again. I used the pattern piece and measured from the side seam and then from the centre front (lack of a better name) seam to get the gathering points for each side.

This turned out well. Big sis helped, thanks big sis, you are a STAR!

Look, down here we have a sleeve ! Kinda folded up, but as I was wearing it I didn’t even notice, that is how comfy this dress is wOOt


Oh and some other things – I sewed this up on my overlocker/serger and I roll hemmed the ..hem

I did not change the length of the pattern and of course I used my own measurements (following the instructions) to grade the pattern pieces.

In the future I would make maybe 2 sizes smaller, or 1 size depending on how much give the fabric has. I feel like negative ease is best for knit dresses and this dress is designed with zero ease.

I would make it shorter because.. well.. long doesn’t do it for me, cause I am short already – and it doesn’t look so good with sneakers – I only wear heels at work!

roll hem

And one last one, because TWIRLY

twirl two