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La Sylphide Deranged

eeeeeee Papercut La Sylphide SO PRETTY !

I made this dress as part of the Indie Fan Girl competition on The Monthly Stitch.

Fake Street Dress Front 2

Indie Fan Girl is a competition where you have to make 2 garments from 1 Indie pattern designer to create an outfit.

I made this with the Bellatrix Blazer which is why I called it ‘Deranged’ – Deranged Bellatrix from Harry Potter?

Graffiti Front

Oh wow.. the more I look at this dress the more I like it, it’s so cute and pretty and gorgeous.

Woman Graffiti Dress Marilyn Monroe

This pattern was again, so easy to put together. The pictures make all the difference and didn’t take me long at all to put it together.

I made the size M as per my measurements and lengthened the hem by about 20cm (which I then cut off later on anyway).

Woman Graffiti Dress Back

The fabric is rayon which I found for $3 at Fabric-a-Brac in April. What a score! It was 3m by 90cm wide so was a bit of a mission cutting this beauty out of it.

I had to create a seam down the CB of the skirt pieces since it was so full it didn’t fit in the fabric..

I also left the neck piece until last when cutting out *sigh* and I ran out of fabric. My god I seem to be getting good at that!

Woman Graffiti Dress Ties

When I came to the part of sewing the neck tie, I then decided to do something about it and that was when the added length to the skirt came off to fix the problem.

Woman Graffiti Dress Ties Length

Since the skirt is quite full, the neck tie turned out a bit long. I like it though, long is good! It sits so nicely in this fabric as well.

Fake Street Dress Front Skirt

However, it made the dress a little short.. eep

Graffiti Looking Over Shoulder Windy

REALLY have to watch out for that wind now.

Fake Street Dress Neck Tie

I took the waist in by about a half inch on each side and I should probably take it in by another half inch each side again because it is still a little big around there, however I am hesitant because I don’t want to end up with weird lines under my bust which it already does by creases, this stuff creases so quick!

Graffiti Back MJ pose

Whole outfit, doing a cool pose! Aww yeah!

Tree Dress Buttons

The dress is fastened by buttons right up the CF. I used 10 in all and chose my own button placements cause that always seems easiest.

The buttons I got on special from Spotlight when I was working there about 5 years ago. I think they are brand Beuton (?).

Once the dress was constructed, I hung it overnight for the hem to settle since the skirt is quite round. They also mention this in the instructions which is awesome because I have never seen it before only heard about it from the WSBN.

Woman Graffiti Dress Front 2

Next day I hemmed it – the shortest part was the button placket (YUSS). So took off.. well only surprisingly small amounts to bring it to that length.

After that I decided to roll hem the bottom because, well.. that is the easiest type of hem IN THE WORLD and they look great and they are so fast.

HOWEVER, the fabric decided it did not want to be roll hemmed, ugh. So I just ended up folding it up 1cm and stitching it down, it’s not the prettiest but I didn’t want to loose any more length!

Fake Street Dress Back

Right, I think that’s all. Time for the deets!

Pattern: Papercut La Sylphide

Fabric: Rayon 3m x 90cm $3

Notions: Buttons x 10 from stash

Bluak Bellatrix

Hi everybody!

Hi Dr Nick!

How you all doing?

I’m good. Just on my lunch break at work. Aww yeah, blogging at lunch time, win!

Graffiti Front Button

Anyways, I made the Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut as part of my Indie Fan Girl outfit along with a La Sylphide by Papercut.

Indie Fan Girl is a competition this year – this month – this week. June – Indie pattern month.

Basically you had to make an outfit of at least 2 patterns from an Indie designer – but only 1 Indie designer, couldn’t mix and match them. This is why I chose Papercut. I absolutely love the patterns that Papercut has to offer and they have a wide range of patterns to choose from which makes life so much easier for the outfit choice! I wanted a blazer/jacket – sorted.

Graffiti Front

However, then it got hard.

I decided I wanted the blazer but then what to go with it? A skirt and top? Pants and top? Dress?

OMG LA SYLPHIDE ! Sooooo pretty !!

Woman Graffiti Full

Back to the blazer though.

I made this out of a remnant that my sis pulled out of the remnants bin at The Fabric Warehouse in Wellington – my first time there too. It is so brilliant!

The fabric itself was amazing it was hard to cut it up. And now I’m gutted I didn’t take a picture first! Imagine this though.. Selvage edges are both black and then grading into this vibrant bright blue right down the middle.


Yellow Wall Blazer Close Up Back

We agreed that it was some sort of wool blend which of course is perfect for said blazer in middle of winter. (Is it really winter if there is no snow or is it just an extended Autumn..?) I feel like I’ve been gypped though, Wellington is cool, people say it gets cold, but there is no snow. It’s all a large conspiracy. WHERE IS MY SNOW ?!?!?!?!?

Tree Fluffy Thing

Right.. so.. Since it was a remnant ($5 – WIN !!!) there was only about a Metre of it at looked like 1.5m wide and with the grading, well I seriously had to place my pattern pieces carefully. Chose to have the blue at the top and black at the bottom. I also did the shorter variation (Variation 2??) as I didn’t have quite enough material for the longer version.

After cutting out the main “outside” pattern pieces I had sufficiently run out of fabric for the facing. Except then it was pointed out to me that the front “facing” piece will be showing because it’s part of the collar and gets folded over – omg I am SO SMART…

Yellow Wall Blazer Close Up

SO.. then I had to find out how to cut that bit off and the answer came with, make this piece into 2 pieces and then join them together! So I did that, however when I went to cut the pieces I ended up cutting them both exactly the same so I then had to use the wrong side for one of the pieces, can you tell which one though?

Blazer Pocket and Button

Now onto the actual pattern. (Sorry guys, this seems to be getting like a long post, but come on, I’m at work, procrastinating and am on a serious rant at the moment so just enjoy it)

The pattern came together REALLY well.. The welt pockets – which I have never done before and scared the begeezes out of me – were done in the easiest way and they look SO GOOD.

Lunch break over, BOOM !

Blazer Pocket Lining

Oh my gosh, next day lunch break, here we go again!

The pattern was really easy to follow for the most part. I did get confused by a couple of things though.

The pattern pictures are based on the longer variation blazer and I like to follow pictures, especially Papercut pictures as they make things so easy! However, the longer variation has different bottom pieces to the pattern and are straight along the bottom at the front rounded at the corner. The shorter variation bottom piece is longer on one side than the other and naturally I thought the longer edges would go down the side seams.

Graffiti Back

I was wrong.

Graffiti Side 2

There was probably something on the pattern stating where the CF was that I just completely missed, but either way I managed to put them on wrong and when it came to sewing the blazer altogether I finally figured it out and had to unpick the pockets/bottom pieces and switch them over to the other side of the blazer.

Blazer Front Side Button

The other part I found difficult was attaching the sleeve cuff lining to the sleeve cuffs. I have never made a lined blazer, or any sort of blazer-like thing before so I was desperatly following the instructions at this point. However I must have done something wrong at this point because after I sewed this seam and tried to turn it the other way, it didn’t work at all, that shit was cray-cray!

So I did it my own way.

Fake Street Open Jacket

When blazer was still un-turned through the lining gap I reached through between blazer sleeve and lining sleeve and pulled them through the lining gap. From here I machine stitched the cuff facing to the cuff lining which actually looks mental (thought I took a picture, my bad!) and when I turned them through properly they were all happy as! YAY !

Graffiti Side

Now summary of deets!


Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut


A wool blend (?) remnant from Fabric Warehouse Wellington $5

A synthetic polka dot lining from my stash

A quilting remnant from Spotlight about 5 years ago $1


1 large black button from my stash.

Wow.. I am so uber proud of this blazer.

Circley Tiramisu

feature 2

A couple of weeks ago I needed to make something out of this really cool circle knit fabric that I found at Fabric-a-Brac. And I mean I NEEDED to.. it was like a life or death situation type of thing.. I’ll let you ponder that for a while…

side 2

OK I lied, it wasn’t, but it felt like it! What cool fabric!


I used the Tiramisu pattern by Cake.


EEE this dress is so much fun to wear. SO MUCH FUN.

And super easy to make/follow instructions.

It me about a day to sew up – if that.. I go slowly cause I like to watch TV things at the same time.. *ashamed face*

 front looking down

Right, so I’m gonna start with the pattern deets.

It is very easy to follow the instructions and only takes 8 pattern pieces – 7 if you don’t have pockets.

There is gathering under the bust as it goes into the waistband which gives it a bit more shape. YaY Shape!

I didn’t make the pockets. Big sis told me not to do the pockets as they sit funny in this dress.. although I am gutted because when a pattern doesn’t have pockets I ALWAYS FORGET to add them and then I am sad face.


So, why do I always, ALWAYS, look down when I’m having my picture taken? I have to force myself to look up, ick cameras, HIDE…

When cutting/tracing out the pattern it helps you grade out to your individual size, which I thought was awesome. I don’t think I have ever graded a pattern before and these instructions made it incredibly easy and didn’t take too much extra time for the cutting/tracing.


All the pattern pieces have the grainline (Which is normal anyway), but on top of that they have a stripe line so that you know which way your stripes need to go. HOW FANCY IS THAT?! It made me wish I was using a stripey fabric for this. BUT I’m still happy, look at that smile down there!! This is what some of my friends call my “critter face” – so much smile that my eyes scrunch up and I look like a critter – generally happens when I’m drinking :-/


 The instructions were very clear, I knew exactly what needed to go where and when and how and so many pictures.. *drools* I love pictures.

back close up

What I did find a little weird was the pattern fitting between step 7 and step 8 which is just the bodice pieces all together. This didn’t make sense to me cause.. why wouldn’t you just wait until the skirt pieces were on their too to fit the garment?

I kinda figured out why in the end. But only kinda!

neck line

So I had to take the waist in a lot and under the arms as it gave me really bad bat wings (sorry no picture).. I brought it in, I can’t remember how much now… I think at my waist it was about an inch either side (eep!).

On top of this adjustment I needed to bring the waistband up by about an inch as well, how did it end up SO BIG?!

twirl one

Well.. it might have been the pattern, but also, this fabric is quite heavy so it is dragging it down quite a bit, that skirt has a lotta fabric yo!

Anyways this could be the reason for fitting the bodice before attaching the skirt, would have been so much easier to do it at this point.

twirl three

So when I took up the waistband I had to redo the gathering under the boobs cause I just cut that seam off, screw unpicking that!

This made the bodice pieces shorter and because they criss1cross at the front I needed to find the points to gather between again. I used the pattern piece and measured from the side seam and then from the centre front (lack of a better name) seam to get the gathering points for each side.

This turned out well. Big sis helped, thanks big sis, you are a STAR!

Look, down here we have a sleeve ! Kinda folded up, but as I was wearing it I didn’t even notice, that is how comfy this dress is wOOt


Oh and some other things – I sewed this up on my overlocker/serger and I roll hemmed the ..hem

I did not change the length of the pattern and of course I used my own measurements (following the instructions) to grade the pattern pieces.

In the future I would make maybe 2 sizes smaller, or 1 size depending on how much give the fabric has. I feel like negative ease is best for knit dresses and this dress is designed with zero ease.

I would make it shorter because.. well.. long doesn’t do it for me, cause I am short already – and it doesn’t look so good with sneakers – I only wear heels at work!

roll hem

And one last one, because TWIRLY

twirl two


Purple Lady Skater


Hi everyone! Lovely to see you again!

So I’ve had a couple of busy/doing-things-other-than-blogging weeks. It’s been fun! But I realise that I need to give you guys some attention. My plan is to try to enter all the Indie Pattern Competitions on The Monthly Stitch. So, I might not have a social life for the next month, but this is fine, I can handle that.

Ugh and then I was out for a week and a half healing after having my bottom wisdom teeth out. Where I was in agony (probably not but I’m a wimp so I felt like I was dieing) I managed to finish a crochet scarf and a crochet blanket, both of which haven’t been blogged.

I also managed to trace up several more patterns to try out and this was one of them! Basically this is my lack of wisdom teeth dress. The overcoming of becoming less wise. *sigh*


The Lady Skater by Kitschy Coo dress is amazing. So EASY to make up and a beautiful fit.

I made the size 5 with short sleeves.


The waistline curves down a bit at the front which I’m not entirely sure I like, but it does actually look quite good in this photo and strangely enough, side on it looks straight.


This dress is made up in a light weight cotton knit. A beautiful purple that my sis lent me (thanks sis !!) and it’s so comfy and soft. I want to wear it all the time. This is also the length of the pattern so if you don’t like short then I advise to add more length to it!

side down

I raised the waist by about an inch and took it in at the waist about a half inch each side and now it’s quite sturdy around my midriff which means that it won’t flap around too much when I’m skating (HA! When I learn to do that).

front - 1

Something Like this right?


And then maybe some falling over cause I’m so uncoordinated?


But, I’m still happy as.

happy front

Geez, I’ve wanted to skate for AGES but I keep holding myself back for various reasons. My bro in law even made a skateboard perfect for me to learn on and I got on it once. ONCE !

Now since I’ve moved up here all I want to do is sew. And crochet. And knit (I just started a cardigan, my first knitting project since I was a kid and I have done it all by myself, so far).

front - 2

Mostly I am just rambling because I have so many pictures and not enough to say about this garment. If you have made it this far then well done, I am impressed, hopefully you’re finding this somewhat interesting..?

IF NOT, let’s talk about the dress more.

I love it.

I want more.

I will make more.

Purple is cool.

It’s so comfy.

top stitching

Oh and I also Top stitched the sleeves and neckband as per instructions. I used my stitch in the ditch foot cause really, that’s the most awesome foot for this and tbh, probably my most favourite foot.

twin needle

AWWW and I nearly forgot! I used my twin needle – my new shiny stretch twin needle – to hem the skirt and look how pretty that turned out!


This dress was all sewn on the overlocker/serger apart from the top stitching and hem/twin needle stitching which was done on my pretty Bernina sewing machine.


A back view since I was missing one of those. Nice and simple and just the right amount of fabric in the skirt to fall so pretty!


Not sure what I’m doing here.. Still on the pain meds/antibiotics so maybe I saw some fairies? Or a floating whale?

but that's ok

So there ya have it peeps. The Lady Skater. At the moment my favourite dress. But will it continue to be the fav as new ones come along, who knows?!