Birdy Flora

front 2


I made a dress 😀

pockets 2

AND it has pockets !!!


AND the fabric is super pretty !!!

My mummy actually brought it back from America for my birthday last year because she is AMAZING ! Thanks mummy 😀

front 1

So this is the By Hand London Flora Dress with the faux wrap bodice.


I redrafted the skirt pieces of it though. Made it into a half circle skirt which we had full on trouble with haha. Basically, I wanted to cut the skirt in 3rds so that I can put inseam pockets in and not have them right on the side seams because it doesn’t quite feel that natural. So the skirt seams are about an inch in from the side seams.


The issue that we had (my flatmate Juliet was helping me draft one) was that we were trying to calculate the thirds using full circle skirt calculations instead of half circle skirt calculations. Ridiculous, but we got there in the end with my sisters help haha.

I used the Burda Style tutorial for the inseam pockets, but I can’t believe how easy they are to do, it was amazing. I must do this with ALL of the dresses.

back 1

I also had troubles with the bust darts, they were in really weird positions for me so I moved the side dart down by about 1cm and the bottom dart across a bit (can’t remember how much). I crossed the front pieces over by quite a lot though because I didn’t want any boob gapage going on there, so I probably shouldn’t have moved the bottom darts but they still seem to work so it’s all goods !


Of course, I still had gapage so had to tack it (just below the necklace) so it wouldn’t gape and I can wear it to work!

zip replacement

I can’t remember what size I made because I’m a bad person. But I had to take it in this much from the top of the zip downwards. It was VERY gapey at the top, made me sad yo!

hook n eye and zip

Then I put a hook n eye at the top of the zip to make it look professional like and things 😛

The zip isn’t quite invisible, I found my needle isn’t positioned in quite the centre cause my machine desperately needs a service


I made a pretty pretty label to go with it to. You can see where it was originally but I had to move it cause my zip took it in heaps haha! Also, sorry about the blurry photo, my awesome flatmate Andre took the pictures for me using his fancy pants camera and this particular one was taken with my phone 😛


OMG this is another cool trick I learned from somewhere online. Though I have no idea where I found it…

With full skirts it’s hard to get it to sit nicely around the curve, so you put in a line of gathering stitches in then it’s so much easily and quicker to iron it down and hem it.

Though when I went to do that, Lola decided she needed some more love. Oh good.

trying to hem

La Sylphide blouse – with birds !

Papercut La Sylphide Blouse.

front side

I really like this pattern, it’s so lovely and girly with the necktie and peplum!

back side

I was originally making this for the monosewn month at TMS in July last year. It got cut out and then put on the “I’m not sure” pile. Mainly because I had cut out the necktie and sleeves with black and white polka dots cause I ran out of the black and white birds fabric.

I started making it up again in March this year and rage quit cause it was AWFUL with the black and white polka dots… way too much going on.


And thats when I changed it to plain black poplin. Also changed the sleeves to cap sleeves because I reckon it’s WAY too much with the gathered sleeves!! I used the sleeve pattern from the Deer and Doe Reglisse. I love cap sleeves!

Although I look really unimpressed about something in the below photo.. fascinating..

front ties

So I made the La Sylphide in red rayon last year for Indie Pattern Month and it turned out REALLY well.. even with the gathered sleeves 😛 But of course it’s uber short, so I’m gonna cut this up into a blouse version because I have only worn it once and that fabric DESERVES to be worn.

Perfect for work too 😀


Birdy Bleuet

 Some of the WSBN (Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network) decided (a while ago I think!) that we should go to Staglands wearing a Deer and Doe garment that we had made. Staglands, Deer and Doe – this totally goes together. Below, I’m wearing a Deer and Doe Bleuet feeding  some doe. Win.

feeding doe

Staglands is a cross between a wildlife reserve, a zoo, a petting zoo, and beautiful gardens. There were so many awesome animals and they were really friendly. Some were a little too friendly and really wanted some food.. lucky me, I got jumped on by a goat, which gave my bruises on my legs.

jumping goat

It wasn’t a hard choice for me to make the Bleuet as the girls that told me about Staglands day showed me the pattern they were making and I couldn’t say no! The bleuet is a wonderful dress, so many awesome things about it – a collar, puff sleeves, buttons, and princess seams. Oh AND A BOW!

I was in love.

Deer and Doe Bleuet

Making it however, was not so easy. I got stuck on so many things in the instructions – which of course didn’t surprise me because I have a hard enough time following other peoples patterns anyway. So I had pretty much the entire dress made (as much as I could) before I realised that the patterns NEVER tells you to sew up the shoulder seams. I wasn’t even the one that realised it, my sister did when I was trying to fit it haha without shoulder seams – smart!

But thats ok cause I touched a deer antlers and they are SO SOFT. Like velvet.


Since my sister Kat came along, so did her man and their toddler who was squirming to get away from the sheep. The sheep that can’t see, right? Cause the horns. Crazy design.

escaping nephew

Right, so about the actual dress !

The fabric is pretty quilting cotton from Arthur Toye fabric store in Wellington, 4 days before it closed down *cries*. My first and only visit to that amazing store.

Kat thought I should do piping down the princess seams, which I really wanted to do because it meant learning to make bias binding and then making the piping, what a novelty! So I stuck into doing that first thing and I used a bright pink polyester that we had found the weekend before at the SPCA open day in Wellington which belongs to the back of a duvet cover costing us $1.

The buttons I found in my stash, after about 2 hours of um-ing and ah-ing with my flatmate to just narrow it down to “think it over” for a couple days following that. I only used 10 buttons because that was all I had of that colour !

buttons and piping

Bias binding is incredibly easy to make and I followed instructions from Kat as I was going. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the pictures, I can’t find them 😦 but I will try to describe what I did!!

First cut the fabric into a square.

Next is to cut a bit off one side in a triangle shape (sorry but I can’t remember how big) this is to sew on the other side so instead of a square it now looks like a parallelogram.

Now measure (I think we did 5cm) parallel lines from on side to the other following the slant of the sides of the parallelogram.

The next bit is the tricky bit and I don’t even know if the above stuff makes sense enough for this bit to even try to make sense! So we want to sew the top and the bottom of the parallelogram together to make a cylinder type thing and match up the lines. To do this pin the top and bottom together right sides together but try to match the lines 1/4 inch below the edge of the fabric so that they will be matched up on the seam line when turning the fabric out.

After sewing that you can now cut along the lines and will have a long strip of fabric.

Press in half.

Yay bias binding complete (if you could follow those instructions). I was going to link to Kat’s page because I think she has a tutorial on how to make bias binding, but I couldn’t find it so Kat please comment below !!

With the bias binding, it is super easy to make piping, just use a zipper foot and as you sew push the piping in towards the pressed edge as far as possible.



The fun parts about making this dress is that I got to learn things and do things I have never done before. Including the bias binding, piping, collar, bow, hem facing (picture above, which I am SO proud of), and gathered sleeves, EEP gathered sleeves, I still think they are waaay too girly with all the pink going on. It’s a little bit of a love/hate relationship with them, but they are still attached so I think the love is winning!

A bunny collar

I got to hold a bunny.

4 of us made the same dress, but they still all look so different ! Looking fabulous girls !


Backwards quaduplets