Month: June 2015

Birdy Flora

front 2


I made a dress 😀

pockets 2

AND it has pockets !!!


AND the fabric is super pretty !!!

My mummy actually brought it back from America for my birthday last year because she is AMAZING ! Thanks mummy 😀

front 1

So this is the By Hand London Flora Dress with the faux wrap bodice.


I redrafted the skirt pieces of it though. Made it into a half circle skirt which we had full on trouble with haha. Basically, I wanted to cut the skirt in 3rds so that I can put inseam pockets in and not have them right on the side seams because it doesn’t quite feel that natural. So the skirt seams are about an inch in from the side seams.


The issue that we had (my flatmate Juliet was helping me draft one) was that we were trying to calculate the thirds using full circle skirt calculations instead of half circle skirt calculations. Ridiculous, but we got there in the end with my sisters help haha.

I used the Burda Style tutorial for the inseam pockets, but I can’t believe how easy they are to do, it was amazing. I must do this with ALL of the dresses.

back 1

I also had troubles with the bust darts, they were in really weird positions for me so I moved the side dart down by about 1cm and the bottom dart across a bit (can’t remember how much). I crossed the front pieces over by quite a lot though because I didn’t want any boob gapage going on there, so I probably shouldn’t have moved the bottom darts but they still seem to work so it’s all goods !


Of course, I still had gapage so had to tack it (just below the necklace) so it wouldn’t gape and I can wear it to work!

zip replacement

I can’t remember what size I made because I’m a bad person. But I had to take it in this much from the top of the zip downwards. It was VERY gapey at the top, made me sad yo!

hook n eye and zip

Then I put a hook n eye at the top of the zip to make it look professional like and things 😛

The zip isn’t quite invisible, I found my needle isn’t positioned in quite the centre cause my machine desperately needs a service


I made a pretty pretty label to go with it to. You can see where it was originally but I had to move it cause my zip took it in heaps haha! Also, sorry about the blurry photo, my awesome flatmate Andre took the pictures for me using his fancy pants camera and this particular one was taken with my phone 😛


OMG this is another cool trick I learned from somewhere online. Though I have no idea where I found it…

With full skirts it’s hard to get it to sit nicely around the curve, so you put in a line of gathering stitches in then it’s so much easily and quicker to iron it down and hem it.

Though when I went to do that, Lola decided she needed some more love. Oh good.

trying to hem