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A Liebster Award !!!

Friends, YaY !!!

So, back in June the lovely Threading Lightly nominated me for a Liebster Award, thanks!! 😀 Naturally (because I am master of procrastination) it took me months to actually do this.

But here we are! and I was actually planning to do it this entire time, so YaY !

The Liebster Award I had never heard of before, basically it’s a good way for new bloggers to get noticed and answer questions about themselves and who doesn’t like to talk about themselves, huh?!



1. Was there a defining moment that got you into sewing?

Hmm.. this is an interesting one! Had to think back far haha… so, my sister is 10 years and 2 days older than me, so when she started sewing at 21 (I think it was when she got her first sewing machine), I got inspired ..and of course everyone wants to be like their older sis or bro. I started seeing things that she had made and I WANTED THEM.. So I started doing sewing at school and it carried on to after school.. I didn’t get fully into it until this year when I moved up to Wellington and started hanging around all the sewing bloggers (you guys are awesome !).


2. What has inspired your blog style?

To be honest, don’t think I have a blog style, I just type how I talk. Or at least I type as I say things in my head, so you guys are getting a front-line view of my mind, enjoy it 😀

Although.. in saying that, I don’t add in all the mass loads of tangents.. except maybe sometimes you get a few of them… :-/


3. At the fabric store, do you usually know what you are buying or do you like to browse?

I used to browse, this is a mistake, a big BIG mistake where I end up with negative money and too much fabric that doesn’t fit in my flat.. Now I tend to know what I need when I go in.. unless it’s the remnants bin, REMNANTS FOR THE WIN AWWW YEAH!

I have managed to find things in those remnant bins to make so many creations, whoop whoop! Bellatrix Blazer being one of them, that was probably one of the happiest days of my life.


4. What was your biggest sewing mistake?

Ah.. sewing my coppelia cardi, seriously screwed that one up. The sleeves to the front when it was supposed to go on the back and also they were the wrong way around and I attached them to the bottom of the front piece instead of where they were supposed to go and then I probably managed to attach the front to the feet or something ya know, that’s how screwed up it was. This is why markings are AMAZING.


5. How much fabric is in your stash?

I have about 6 boxes of fabric and a bin of remnants/miscellaneous stuff.


6. What is your next sewing project?

I have a a Sylphide blouse cut out and ready to go (for the past few months) for the Monochrome month on TMS in July. The fabric is cotton poplin with birds on it.. well most of it is, I ran out so had to use some poplin black with white polkadots, so it might turn out to be too much and then I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it!

I also have a Seamster mens hoodie which I started in August for my friends birthday.. in August.

And my Reglisse dress from October.

And I have a Papercut Circle Top cut out too..

Hmm.. maybe I should finish some things first yeah?


7. Which item from your bought wardrobe would you most like to be able to replicate?

Definitely my big blue jacket with hood. It’s lined. It’s blue. It’s big. It’s got a hood. It’s cozy. It’s flattering. It’s now slightly too big.

Good thing is, Juliet told me about the Pavot at Deer and Doe that I can make which is a real nice pattern (she has made one also, though I don’t think it’s posted yet). I even found the best wool blend fabric for it at the Fabric Warehouse pop up sale and some lining with DRAGONFLIES all over it at Spotlight. This jacket isn’t lined. But it WILL BE and it must have a hood also.

Pavot Jacket – Deer and Doe



8. What is your favorite sewing-related gadget?

This is a hard one. I definitely like Lucy, she makes me so happy.. However, my rotary cutter (since being introduced to them at the start of the year) has saved much rage and heartbreak as I’m sure my scissors would have caused at cutting out fabric.




9. What is your favorite place you have traveled to?


I lived in London when I was 20 for a good year and on my 21st I went to Amsterdam with a few friends. It is gorgeous over there and everyone is so lovely. I originally thought my favourite place was Venice but then I went there and omg it smells and there are SO many tourists EVERYWHERE. Amsterdam definitely has a better vibe, and canals!


10. What other hobbies/activities do you enjoy besides sewing?

I also knit (as of earlier this year) and crochet which I taught myself a few years ago.

I like to hula hoop when I have the time and energy and feel like I should get away from the inside world. Thing is, the inside world has my sewing machines SEWING MACHINES, PEOPLE!!! You understand…

I also like Friday drinks with friends and organising and planning things but not actually doing the things that I’m planning – Procrastination 101.


So I’m supposed to nominate people now, which is also a reason why I left this post for.. ya know.. half a year.. I actually have no idea who to nominate who hasn’t done this already (awkward)………..

2014 Summed up

I’m writing this post just to reflect on what I’ve made through the year and what I like and dislike and so on and so forth. It might not be very interesting but it’s more for me than for you! 😀

I’ve been sewing since high school but I haven’t really been making much.. if that makes sense. I did lots of applique type stuff and just pissing about mostly. 2014 was when I really started sewing for myself and of course when I started knitting.

After making all these things for myself and wearing some of them and not others.. I think I’ve figured out what I need and more importantly, what I want.

I LOVE CROCHET. Especially little toy animal amuragami things. I have made a few for the 2014 Christmas secret santas too, including a turtle for a tree decoration and a dinosaur for a workmate – so much fun and they are so cute!


Crocheting is definitely a keep.


Knitting – ALSO so good to be able to wear stuff that I’ve made – love it! But have to be more careful about my tension and length so they don’t turn out like my tiny little Hetty cardi.

Hetty front 2

Main thing I learned about wearing knitted/warm garments is that I need them to be long sleeved or I probably won’t wear them. Goodbye Hetty!

However, my Marion can stay (post coming soon).

Now for the sewing stuff. I learned a lot about what dresses I will wear. Mainly because I would much rather wear jeans.

My favourite dress is my Alameda by Pauline Alice. It is super comfy, the perfect length and has pockets, POCKETS !!! A bit gapey in the arm holes but I can live with that. It’s also a nice neutral colour without too much crazy pattern happening.

pockets front dress

Ah.. patterns. I love patterned fabric. It’s the stuff I’m most attracted to in the store and I just beeline straight for it. I don’t like wearing it though. It’s too much. Or maybe it’s just my pattern choices.. hmm..

I really like my Bluet as well. I don’t wear it as much though because the pattern just puts me off (although I LOVE the pattern – is so pretty yo!) and the puffy sleeves made me angry. I changed the sleeves to be flat and took off the pink binding on them and now I wear it way more.

Puffy sleeves = NO!

jumping goat

Oh.. my coffee dress. I actually hate you. Not my style at all. the skirt is too straight. The arms are WAY too tight. Although it is a perfect length.


My cherries dress is awesome, way too short though and possibly too tight. Way too tight around the arms as well so I don’t generally wear it much unfortunately, especially cause I put A LOT of work into this one.

Front in sun


I made so many things in June, I went crazy.

I’m not gonna picture these though cause this is getting REALLY long.

Basically I love my Lady Skater (except that it gives me electric shocks when I touch metal, sigh). Ah.. plain colours are so good.

I didn’t like the Tiramisu because too long – but then I cut it shorter (just above the knee) and wear it all the time!

La Sylphide – such a pretty pattern and material but WAAAAY too short so I have only actually worn it once.. hmm…

And my Bellatrix Blazer is too tight and I don’t wear it, sigh, I was so proud of that one too.


My Reglisse!!!

I actually do love it. But I haven’t worn it yet (except to the halloween party I made it for) because I haven’t finished it yet (such a slacker!). I will probably make it shorter as well and I need to fix the elastic because it’s a little bit bigger than the waist band it fits into (my bad!)

eeeeeeee, that’s all my dresses!!

Skirts.. I don’t wear much.. so I probably won’t make many more of those. Although I LOVE my Petal, I currently do not have any tops that go with it.. *sigh*

My Ensis tee’s I love and my Coppelia Cardi is amazing. I love these. I need more. MORE !

What I find most I wear out of my wardrobe are my Ensis Tee’s, jeans and cardi’s.

I need to make jeans, JEANS !

All up:

Warm garments must have long sleeves. (Knitted cardigans)

Puffy sleeves are not good. (Bluet)

Sleeves must not be tight. (Coffee dress and Cherries dress)

Straight skirts are not good. (Coffee dress)

Skirt length should be just above the knees. (All dresses)

Plain colours are VERY good (Lady Skater)

MAKE JEANS and more t-shirts!