Fingerless Gloves – Crochet

 A very nice and easy pattern to follow. They are so warm and comfy too !

I have made several pairs of these and the pictures below are pairs that I made for my mummy and my sister. The pattern is from the Learn to Crochet book made by Patons and I acquired it in a Spotlight store when I was working there a few years ago. this is the book which taught me the very basics of crochet and it was really good to use, I definitely recommend.



Patons Jet wool

Approx 12 ply
Tension 16.5 Stitches to 10cm
Needles 5.50mm
50 Grams – 74 Metres
30% Alpaca, 70% Wool


The Pattern is crocheted in 2 pieces per glove then sewn up the side seams (as you can see above with the loose yarn!

It starts off from the outside of the hand with about 25 chain stitches then works in a double crochet until you reach the thumb for which it is then shaped around. Then the sides are sewn up. Easy as pie (if you know how to crochet).

The pattern does state (from memory I think) 20 chain to begin. However, the gloves are quite short and they tend to pull up on the sides when wearing them which is why I changed it to 25 chain and makes them super comfy.