The Carly Petal


I made the Petal Skirt by Papercut!

The Petal Skirt is a wrap around with front pleats and back darts and curves up on the hem at the front to look like a petal. It’s so pretty ๐Ÿ˜€


The pattern and fabric were given to me by the lovely Mel and my awesome sis Kat.

It was part of a care package for when my kitty Carly died. I was quite upset. She was such a lovely cat and only 2 and a half years old. And SO CUTE ! So you can have photos ๐Ÿ˜€

Carly sleeping

She also liked to sleep in my shoes rack.

Carly shoes

Anyway, back to the skirt! Obviously named after the pattern and Carly ๐Ÿ˜€

It was a really nice pattern to sew up, only 4 pattern pieces and very quick.


The fabric is a cotton sateen, amazing to sew with but it did not like to be ironed so I couldn’t quite get my seams flat before I top stitched them :-/

But that’s ok, just don’t look really close..


ย The two front pieces overlap and are supposed to be held together by skirt hook n eyes. I didn’t have these things, but I did have buttons!

The front pieces are the same pattern piece and so both have the two pleats at the front. I guess this is so you can choose which way you want to overlap them? Maybe by using the hook n eyes you can overlap them different ways however you choose.. though that does not make sense in my brain, so maybe just ignore that I said that? Cool. Continue.


The pleats I also top stitched down by about 5cm just so that they wouldn’t stick out so much right by the waist band, I always seem to do this with pleats. Makes it easier to sew the waistband on too ๐Ÿ˜€

The pattern did say to stitch them down a bit though, maybe I just went a bit overboard ๐Ÿ˜›

ghost button

Perused my button stash and found 2, quite different.. but that’s fine. One kinda looks like a little ghost. It makes me happy.


ย The facing came together quite well too. It was a little confusing a first, but then I realised that I had done my pleats wrong so actually.. The pattern pieces were perfect and I can’t read ๐Ÿ˜›

In saying that, I’m not entirely sure I followed the pleat pattern thing properly since I ended up with 2 triangles sticking up at the top and had to trim those off.

But hey! Finished product = good, therefore who cares?!



I don’t think there is much else to say, apart from, I need more t-shirt type things that will fit properly into waist-high skirts..

I pretty much never wear waist-high things so never have had this problem.. until now *sigh*

Look at how the petal looks there!!!!


HA I just realised.. there’s like this white dot right on my nose.. looks like my face is missing a pixel.


Like a skirt, but not! OOOHHH WOWW Culottes !!


Quintuplets !

From left: Nikki, Emma, Kat, Mel, and ME !!!

And below, Mel’s younger sister Tania who makes really cool jewellery, of which my order is on the way and I am super excited, check it out!

Some of the WSBN girls decided to make some Tania Culottes and go to the Newtown Fair in Wellingotn. So much fun ! We didn’t actually get many photos at the fair though, because we were too busy eating some awesome food and looking at all the pretty things *drools* mmMmm pretty things…


I made some Tania Culottes and I likes them.

I have already worn them a few times, but full skirts are always so much fun, how can you not?!

The pattern calls for a light floaty material, however I fell in love with this paisley quilting cotton that I found at Arther Toye on the closing down sale and thought that would be perfect! It doesn’t quite hang like it should such as Mel’s or Tania’s, but it is quite poofy and just makes me happy ๐Ÿ˜›


So when I was cutting this out I didn’t really take in the fact that is it a waist high skirt. Fail.

I usually only wear hip height things so I just assume that waist high doesn’t exist, but hey! Turns out it does..

They fit pretty well, however since they sit higher (hips to waist!!!!!) the hem was a lot higher than I thought it was going to be and I added this nice little detail to the bottom to make them longer. Turns out it made the hem look even better and I really enjoy it. The “detail” at the bottom is just an extra 10cm length around the hem. I cut this to the shape of the pattern so that it didn’t do anything weird for how the culottes fall.


I think the below picture is probably my favourite for showing how these look. Can’t really see the pattern of the fabric, but the length is so even all the way around and you can see the fullness, and they are all kinds of perfect.

The pattern has a box pleat in the centre front and the centre back which is an awesome design feature for hiding the fact they are shorts, BUT THEY ARE SHORTS !!! ^-^

Adjustments I would make in the future would definitely be adding pockets. Kat did and I am super jealous. Pockets are probably the most amazing thing ever and I always get slightly frustrated that I don’t have any, you would think I would learn, but nope.

I would also take the crotch seam about 2cm lower, it’s a bit high and is a little uncomfortable sitting down. The waistband was also slightly loose so I would just use a M instead of a L or even (since I got me a booty) grade a L hip size up to a M waist size.


Looking through the photos that Kat (THANKS SIS!!) took for me, I realise that the little man (Drake) is in at least half of these! I reckon he could make a career from just photo bombing, and no one would mind cause he is super cute, look at the little guy !!!


Culottes were a win. I am impressed. Quite a straight forward pattern to make up as well. Thanks to Mel who I stole the following idea off ๐Ÿ˜›

Pattern: Tania Culottes size L

Fabric: 100% cotton quilting fabric paisley design from Arther Toye in Wellington. 2.5m at (I think) $7/m

Notions: Invisible zipper