Lacey Coppelia


Hello dear friends and welcome back!

This time, I have made the Coppelia Cardigan by Papercut.

I actually made this back in April or May, can’t remember which (oops), for the sew knits month. The blog post has been sitting on my to-do-list for AGES as in – the last saved draft (the pictures) are from the 22nd July, whoa. I made it up the same time I made my Ensis Tee’s.


Then I took it for a road trip from Dunedin to Wellington. On this day we were travelling from Oamaru to Kaikoura. The photos are taking just before Ashburton and in Ashburton next to (I think it’s the war memorial from memory). I actually got a couple toots while getting my photo taken there…


Right, the top!

It was not fun to make.. but quite funny.. as in.. laugh at me.

  The sleeves are sewn to the shoulder area and then the sides are sewn from the wrist to the hem all the way in one.

I have never done sleeves like this before.. (well I’ve done lots now, but then I had NO IDEA what was doing on)

front statue

So you’ve got the 2 front pieces that cross over, the back piece and then 2 sleeves.


I thought I was doing pretty well, ya know.. I had my back piece connected to my sleeves and my sleeves connected to the front pieces.

And then I lay it out.


I can’t remember exactly what was wrong with it, but basically the sleeves were BOTH sewn in wrong. The front pieces were the wrong way around and who even knows what was going on with the back piece.

Kat looked at it and just laughed. And laughed. And probably laughed some more. Fair enough too.

After I then cut all the seams out (luckily this fabric had lots of forgiveness), I then had to run to her to make sure I had pinned it correctly before each seam, YUSS I’m a child again!

But for reals, thanks Kat, you’re a star.

tree stump

Last thing about it was the stupid fabric. It’s so SO pretty but so SO annoying to sew with. Kept missing it in the overlocker (oh yeah, whole top made on the overlocker) and pins kept falling out and just general rage, ya know?

I was quite glad to be finished it, apart from that I can’t actually think of anything that annoyed me in that pattern. I know LOVE this way of putting in sleeves and it’s such a nice top of casual and formal, pffft formal. Ahem.

OH and when we were in Oamaru, we went into this really cool art shop/exhibition and I found Lucy. Lucy is awesome. Lucy is made by a 70 year old lady (told to me by the shop keeper) with what has to be a a very visual and crazy imagination..

Pincushion Polly


Her nose is a boot.

Double Lacey Ensis Goodness


April was sew double for The Monthly Stitch. This worked out nicely as I needed MORE t-shirts and was going on a road trip, EEEEE ROAD TRIP !!!

purple ensis palmerston

As you may know, I moved up from Dunedin to Wellington in January and well.. due to my lack of finances couldn’t move all of my stuff.. my precious precious stuff !! So I had to store it at the parentals (thanks parentals!), including my car. So over the Easter holidays/Anzac day and all the days in-between, I headed down to Dunedin with a friend to pick up my stuff, EEEEE MY PRECIOUS STUFF !!

purple ensis boulder love

Day 1 we drove from Dunedin to Oamaru and passed through Palmerston (which I had to take a picture with, just for you Juliet 😀

We also stopped at Moeraki Boulders. First we got tricked and went on the turnoff to Moeraki, but sneaky sneaky, they are in different places !! Anyways, after we walked along the beach in Moeraki (the village), around Moeraki (the village) for a while and then headed back to the highway to find the REAL Moeraki (the boulders), we finally hit success!


Wow I’m strong.

purple ensis boulder destroy

After Moeraki (the boulders) we finally made it to Oamaru and went to the Steampunk museum, which was pretty cool.. there was quite a bit of stuff to look at. I don’t have many pictures because there is a large inside bit that is really dark, but there’s a little guy below there, we made friends.

There was also a skeleton driving a crane. Very cool.


Back to the actual t-shirts though !!

I made 2 (obviously) and I had made one previously in February.

black ensis back

This time I changed it up a bit. I was thinking for a while about making something with lace on the top or just lace.. anywhere. Lace is GREAT. I did already have a t-shirt that I bought with stripes on the bottom and lace on top and it looks so pretty and it’s so comfy and cool since I overheat all the time so basically its FANTASTIC !

I don’t think I was ever going to get around to making them though, until I saw Sandra’s on on her blog which just looked so comfy and amazing I had to have my own. I HAD TO!

black ensis front

And now I do.

black ensis side

Win. And look below, I’M CLIMBING A TREE !!!

in a tree awesome

Right, t-shirt, yes, must stop getting distracted. So tired. Ugh.

This time around making these Ensis Tee’s I left the sleeves at the shorter option (Since they were a bit too tight around my guns *ahem* I mean arms.

I guess that’s all I did different, isn’t much you have to do to make your Ensis comfy that’s for sure !

I used the XS size and think that I will make the neck a bit bigger/wider/lower (?) next time.

The stripey fabrics I got from a factory store several years ago when visiting Wellington which is up the Wairarapa somewhere, though I forget the name of the place (no matter how many times I’m told, sorry Kat!).

The gray lace I got from Kat’s stash and the black lace I found at Arthur Toye’s closing down sale in January/Febuary.

Ensis totally wins!

in a tree