Fabric a Brac Awesomeness

Last weekend was Fabric a Brac where you can buy and sell all of the amazing fabrics and accessories like BUTTONS ! I only bought 2 buttons, they are a little hard to see on this, but they are pretty amazing.


LOOK!! It’s a horse shoe with mushrooms inside, SO COOL and I’ve never seen a button like this before. Wish there were more for me to snatch up.


Lots of the WSBN showed up and we had tea and cake in the cafe my sister set up with lots of home made baking and it was amazing.

(From the front going right clockwise: Trees, Ria, Juliet, ME, Emma, Gemma, Nikki, Johanna, Sandra, Kat, and Joy.)


Now to the fabric!!

I may have spent a lot of money.. as in, I went to the ATM multiple times when I ran out. I came out of this day with a box and some more of fabric and in VERY high spirits.

I have never been to something like this before, the only place I’ve tried to buy fabric before is at a shop, this was magical.

In this pile there is some rayon, wool, Flamingo cotton and some pretty florals.


FLAMINGOS !!! This is some FABULOUS fabric and I am so happy for it.

This next bunch has some more florals, corduroy, Woodland Mushroom Cotton (Alexander Henry) and some stretchy lace stuff.

I am quite excited about the corduroy because believe it or not I have never sewn with it before. It will surely pick up all the cat hair, but this is fine.


JAPANESE COTTON, isn’t it beautiful, it’s so SO cute, I love it.

Also, Peter Rabbit cotton, Airplane cotton and some lace stuff that would be perfect for sleepwear/lingerie.


EEE 70s brushed cotton (I think) paisley design, vintage floral cotton and a knit. YUSSS !!!


There were also some knitting patterns around the place which I promised my mummy to pick up for her. Also 1 crochet pattern for me, which I needed cause seriously, look at that hair, BEAUTIFUL (bright red pattern).

knitting patterns

So those are all my scores. I have some vague ideas and then some definitive ideas about each and every one of these. What would you do?