Circley Tiramisu

feature 2

A couple of weeks ago I needed to make something out of this really cool circle knit fabric that I found at Fabric-a-Brac. And I mean I NEEDED to.. it was like a life or death situation type of thing.. I’ll let you ponder that for a while…

side 2

OK I lied, it wasn’t, but it felt like it! What cool fabric!


I used the Tiramisu pattern by Cake.


EEE this dress is so much fun to wear. SO MUCH FUN.

And super easy to make/follow instructions.

It me about a day to sew up – if that.. I go slowly cause I like to watch TV things at the same time.. *ashamed face*

 front looking down

Right, so I’m gonna start with the pattern deets.

It is very easy to follow the instructions and only takes 8 pattern pieces – 7 if you don’t have pockets.

There is gathering under the bust as it goes into the waistband which gives it a bit more shape. YaY Shape!

I didn’t make the pockets. Big sis told me not to do the pockets as they sit funny in this dress.. although I am gutted because when a pattern doesn’t have pockets I ALWAYS FORGET to add them and then I am sad face.


So, why do I always, ALWAYS, look down when I’m having my picture taken? I have to force myself to look up, ick cameras, HIDE…

When cutting/tracing out the pattern it helps you grade out to your individual size, which I thought was awesome. I don’t think I have ever graded a pattern before and these instructions made it incredibly easy and didn’t take too much extra time for the cutting/tracing.


All the pattern pieces have the grainline (Which is normal anyway), but on top of that they have a stripe line so that you know which way your stripes need to go. HOW FANCY IS THAT?! It made me wish I was using a stripey fabric for this. BUT I’m still happy, look at that smile down there!! This is what some of my friends call my “critter face” – so much smile that my eyes scrunch up and I look like a critter – generally happens when I’m drinking :-/


 The instructions were very clear, I knew exactly what needed to go where and when and how and so many pictures.. *drools* I love pictures.

back close up

What I did find a little weird was the pattern fitting between step 7 and step 8 which is just the bodice pieces all together. This didn’t make sense to me cause.. why wouldn’t you just wait until the skirt pieces were on their too to fit the garment?

I kinda figured out why in the end. But only kinda!

neck line

So I had to take the waist in a lot and under the arms as it gave me really bad bat wings (sorry no picture).. I brought it in, I can’t remember how much now… I think at my waist it was about an inch either side (eep!).

On top of this adjustment I needed to bring the waistband up by about an inch as well, how did it end up SO BIG?!

twirl one

Well.. it might have been the pattern, but also, this fabric is quite heavy so it is dragging it down quite a bit, that skirt has a lotta fabric yo!

Anyways this could be the reason for fitting the bodice before attaching the skirt, would have been so much easier to do it at this point.

twirl three

So when I took up the waistband I had to redo the gathering under the boobs cause I just cut that seam off, screw unpicking that!

This made the bodice pieces shorter and because they criss1cross at the front I needed to find the points to gather between again. I used the pattern piece and measured from the side seam and then from the centre front (lack of a better name) seam to get the gathering points for each side.

This turned out well. Big sis helped, thanks big sis, you are a STAR!

Look, down here we have a sleeve ! Kinda folded up, but as I was wearing it I didn’t even notice, that is how comfy this dress is wOOt


Oh and some other things – I sewed this up on my overlocker/serger and I roll hemmed the ..hem

I did not change the length of the pattern and of course I used my own measurements (following the instructions) to grade the pattern pieces.

In the future I would make maybe 2 sizes smaller, or 1 size depending on how much give the fabric has. I feel like negative ease is best for knit dresses and this dress is designed with zero ease.

I would make it shorter because.. well.. long doesn’t do it for me, cause I am short already – and it doesn’t look so good with sneakers – I only wear heels at work!

roll hem

And one last one, because TWIRLY

twirl two