If cats looked like frogs we’d realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That’s what people remember.


Coffee? Coffee. COFFEE !


March was Miss Bossy Patterns for the Monthly Stitch. I’m a bit late, but honestly I did finish this about 3 weeks ago! Pictures were taken at Kat’s front door as she was taking picture for her her Sew Dolly Clackett Dress and she thought I could get away with this one being a little Dolly Clackett too, hence the crazy name! I read a lot of Terry Pratchett and I got this quote from the Discworld book Lords and Ladies.


Next thing – thank you to everyone who voted for my Miss Bossy (Sorry it’s late!!). To be honest, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with this one since I usually wear more fuller skirts and when I first put it together it made me.. hmm.. angry haha! But after lots of hacking my sis and I fixed it.


The pattern I used was Butterick B5032 with a shortened skirt. The pattern pieces I traced were waaaay too big for me – not sure if I measured myself wrong, or if just traced the wrong fabric or whether the pattern was all wrong or what, but it was SERIOUSLY too big for me.


Since the bodice was sooooooooo much too big and the front was just one piece, we had to make princess seems down the front. Luckily, this gave the bodice a lot more shape, which helps with my bust size!

inside bodice

I put the dress on backwards and Kat pinned down the middle, when I took it off I unpicked the bottom bust darts and measured how much fabric to take in at each new princess seam. I also brought it in a little bit more under the bust to give a little more shaping and I reckon I did pretty well 🙂

inside bodice_2

The pic above is the front bodice facing and shows how much extra fabric there was! I mean common, WHY?!?!

So I just cut it in the middle and sewed it up which wasn’t all that pretty, but it’s on the inside so, whatevs!


The fabric is quilting fabric 100% I got from the Arthur Toye closing down sale in Wellington Jan/Feb 2014. It was about 2.5m and used ALL OF IT, which is why the facing is a different fabric, but oh, so pretty, maybe I’ll use different facings every time now?!


The fabric has coffee designs all over it. It makes me so happy. The dress is also really comfortable apart from the arm holes which could have been a little bigger at the bottom, so will probably give them another 1cm depth next time.


The skirt front has 2 areas that have 3 pleats folded over on each other and gives it a nice little detail.

The pattern is also incredibly easy to put together and (before I hacked the bodice apart) only took a few hours to put together. It’s also a pretty cool design


Oh, and FLAMINGO !!! This came to me from Fortune and Blame jewellery which Mel’s fashionable younger sister’s (FYS) owns and create things. The light is reflecting a bit off the bottle, but it has blue glitter and a pink flamingo in it!! So cool! Check her other jewellery, she makes some VERY cool resin stuff.