The Hetty Cardigan

Several months ago (SO behind on blogging cause lazy), I made the Hetty Cardi by Andi Satterlund.

Actually, I made it at the same time as Kat made hers and after an awesome high tea at Petone we took pictures by the beach!

In fact, you can kinda tell how behind I am on my blogging since my hair is now shoulder length.. uhem..

Hetty front 1

ANYWAYS! The Hetty!!!

I made this using the Crucci Landscapes yarn found on the Skeinz website.

It’s 75% wool and 25% alpaca and SO SOFT so I can actually use it. Oh, and naturally, it’s 10ply since all of Andi Satterlund patterns are 10ply.

This is the same yarn I used for my Mryna in my OAL Outfit Along in July.

Hetty front 2

The Hetty is a beautiful pattern with lots of eyelet detail which is easy enough to knit up, although I think I went back several rows at several times so.. maybe not that easy?. However it was only my second cardigan so.. gimme some credit yo!

Honestly, I love the pattern, I love the neckline looking at it here but I HATE THE SHORT SLEEVES. Oh and also it’s way too tight and too short.

Hetty back 1

So for these photos I actually pulled it down constantly trying to make it look better but it only just covers my bust. In saying that, that was my fault because I did make it shorter since my Mryna was just slightly too long and bunches at my waist.

However for the amount of rows I took out I didn’t think it would be THIS much shorter.. hmm… note to self – try on cardi as it’s being made.

I just put the below photo in cause oh my gosh I look happy!

Hetty back 2

The other thing I didn’t do was check my gauge. Considering that I had just made my Mryna and it was knit loosely I’m quite surprised that this turned out this tight. As in.. the buttons keep popping open haha

This pattern did teach me that I don’t look short sleeves on warmer garments though. Usually I overheat so if I’m gonna be wearing any woollen then I want ALL of me covered otherwise my hands are gonna get cold and then I get sad. And then I generally get hungry and then I get hangry cause that’s just how I roll.. I’m always hungry. mmMmm cheezles.


Hetty side 1