Aww yeah, my sewing space!

Gemma from Sixty Six Stitches decided it would be a good idea to check out everyone’s sewing space. It totally is, I love looking at what people have done to make their spaces theirs!

Gemma started off the tour and there’s been one a day. Yesterday was Nicola’s and tomorrow will be Maryanne’s.

This post is gonna be mainly pictures, cause talking right now is like ugghhhh no.

My sewing room is also my bedroom, because flatting.


There it is.

The ol’ sewing machine, overlocker and cat.

I had to put the cat bed or something Lola could sleep on NEXT to my machines otherwise she tries to sit on me insistently and omg annoying.


My overlocker I name.. “My Overlocker”


It’s a Bernina 700D which I got when I was 19 and I saved up for it all by myself 🙂

sewing machine

My sewing machine named “My Sewing Machine” (No, I don’t have an imagination, thank you very much).

It’s a Bernina Activa 220 which I went halvsies with my mummy for my 18th bday, it was all very exciting, LOOK AT ALL THE BUTTONS !

Also, Lucy my pincushion is sitting next to her all lovely.. she used to look like this:

Pincushion Polly

But her eyes fell off and now live in a jar..


..on the shelf next to My Sewing Machine.

Poor Lucy..


The shelf has lots of exciting things on it from embroidery thread to a cool calender to jars of buttons and nail polish.


This is my lion (I might have named when I was younger but have totally forgotten now). I shall name him “My Lion” just to be consistent.

My Lion lives next to my old Misery t-shirt that got too tight so lives in a frame. My Lion also guards a jar of cool buttons shaped like dragonflies and stuff. My Lion was given to me by my sis when I was board and she chose it cause it can brush it’s own hair (long arms). My Lion also has old cookie dough mixed stuck to its general mouth area as we used to have lots of picnics.


I have pegboard that needs WAY more pegs on it and I can’t put things on my walls *sigh* so it sits leaning against the wall. I seriously need to do something with that pegboard, it looks so boring that I might die.



This is the mascot cat.

She sleeps on a cat bed on top of a pile of fabric that I didn’t have anywhere else to put 😀


Underneath mascot cat are miscellaneous items of the time: bobbins, more buttons and some patterns.

Underneath that are all my threads, a sewing box of random shit and a bin of remnants, *drools* remnants.


Next to mascot cat and remnants are my current projects, thrown aside when I got bored (And my computer but eh).

In this pile there is a cut out La Sylphide blouse, a half-sewn Seamster Avocado mens hoodie and my knitting.

Also my hottie down the side for cold days cause seriously.. COLD.


My stash lives to the right of my bed, as in, you can see my lamp on my bedside table right there.

There are 6 boxes of it at the moment and a big pile on top, mmmMmmm fabric.

Some of my current favourites:


Birdies that my mummy brought back from the states for my bday present, THANKS MUMMY! This needs to be a dress with a full skirt I reckon so that I can get that full pattern in there.


She also brought back the pirates for me which is definitely also a dress! ..actually she brought back the mushrooms (below) which I already had, oh mummy you know me so well 😛 So Kat and I swapped since we got them at the same time in the same parcel.


I already had the shrooms. The shrooms are still one of my favourites, but I only have 2m of the shrooms, what do I do with 2m of shrooms? Well I reckon the Papercut Sigma dress would be mint!


This is some Japanese cotton that I got at Fabric-a-brac in April this year (same time as shrooms!).

OH MY GAWWD it is SO CUTE. I need to wear this all of the time. ALL OF THE TIME!

It definitely needs to be a thing.

Definitely a super cute thing.

Like the Pauline Alice Alameda Dress.

Except it won’t get the awesomeness of the print I don’t reckon.. I must think on this.

The tour:

1st: Gemma at 66 Stitches
2nd: Laura at Laulipopnz
4th: Nikki at NikkiStitches
5th: Juliet at Crazy Gypsy Chronicles
6th: Sandra at SewistStitch
7th: Sophie-Lee at Two Random Words
8th: Kat at Macskakat
9th: Holly at Polycraftual
10th: MaryLouise at Thanks I made this myself
11th: Nina at Ninavirgo
12th: Sandra at FlossieFT
13th: Melissa at The Curous Kiwi
14th: Zara at Off-Grid Chic
15th: Crafty Mermaid
16th: Gillian at Sewing Down Under
17th: Leimomi at The Dreamstress
18th: Teresa at Adventures of a Girl from the Naki
19th: Joy at Acharmofmagpies
20th: Nicola at Silvern Swan
21st: ME !
22nd: Maryanne at Sent from my iRon
22nd: Elisabeth


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