The Carly Petal


I made the Petal Skirt by Papercut!

The Petal Skirt is a wrap around with front pleats and back darts and curves up on the hem at the front to look like a petal. It’s so pretty 😀


The pattern and fabric were given to me by the lovely Mel and my awesome sis Kat.

It was part of a care package for when my kitty Carly died. I was quite upset. She was such a lovely cat and only 2 and a half years old. And SO CUTE ! So you can have photos 😀

Carly sleeping

She also liked to sleep in my shoes rack.

Carly shoes

Anyway, back to the skirt! Obviously named after the pattern and Carly 😀

It was a really nice pattern to sew up, only 4 pattern pieces and very quick.


The fabric is a cotton sateen, amazing to sew with but it did not like to be ironed so I couldn’t quite get my seams flat before I top stitched them :-/

But that’s ok, just don’t look really close..


 The two front pieces overlap and are supposed to be held together by skirt hook n eyes. I didn’t have these things, but I did have buttons!

The front pieces are the same pattern piece and so both have the two pleats at the front. I guess this is so you can choose which way you want to overlap them? Maybe by using the hook n eyes you can overlap them different ways however you choose.. though that does not make sense in my brain, so maybe just ignore that I said that? Cool. Continue.


The pleats I also top stitched down by about 5cm just so that they wouldn’t stick out so much right by the waist band, I always seem to do this with pleats. Makes it easier to sew the waistband on too 😀

The pattern did say to stitch them down a bit though, maybe I just went a bit overboard 😛

ghost button

Perused my button stash and found 2, quite different.. but that’s fine. One kinda looks like a little ghost. It makes me happy.


 The facing came together quite well too. It was a little confusing a first, but then I realised that I had done my pleats wrong so actually.. The pattern pieces were perfect and I can’t read 😛

In saying that, I’m not entirely sure I followed the pleat pattern thing properly since I ended up with 2 triangles sticking up at the top and had to trim those off.

But hey! Finished product = good, therefore who cares?!



I don’t think there is much else to say, apart from, I need more t-shirt type things that will fit properly into waist-high skirts..

I pretty much never wear waist-high things so never have had this problem.. until now *sigh*

Look at how the petal looks there!!!!


HA I just realised.. there’s like this white dot right on my nose.. looks like my face is missing a pixel.


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