Purple Lady Skater


Hi everyone! Lovely to see you again!

So I’ve had a couple of busy/doing-things-other-than-blogging weeks. It’s been fun! But I realise that I need to give you guys some attention. My plan is to try to enter all the Indie Pattern Competitions on The Monthly Stitch. So, I might not have a social life for the next month, but this is fine, I can handle that.

Ugh and then I was out for a week and a half healing after having my bottom wisdom teeth out. Where I was in agony (probably not but I’m a wimp so I felt like I was dieing) I managed to finish a crochet scarf and a crochet blanket, both of which haven’t been blogged.

I also managed to trace up several more patterns to try out and this was one of them! Basically this is my lack of wisdom teeth dress. The overcoming of becoming less wise. *sigh*


The Lady Skater by Kitschy Coo dress is amazing. So EASY to make up and a beautiful fit.

I made the size 5 with short sleeves.


The waistline curves down a bit at the front which I’m not entirely sure I like, but it does actually look quite good in this photo and strangely enough, side on it looks straight.


This dress is made up in a light weight cotton knit. A beautiful purple that my sis lent me (thanks sis !!) and it’s so comfy and soft. I want to wear it all the time. This is also the length of the pattern so if you don’t like short then I advise to add more length to it!

side down

I raised the waist by about an inch and took it in at the waist about a half inch each side and now it’s quite sturdy around my midriff which means that it won’t flap around too much when I’m skating (HA! When I learn to do that).

front - 1

Something Like this right?


And then maybe some falling over cause I’m so uncoordinated?


But, I’m still happy as.

happy front

Geez, I’ve wanted to skate for AGES but I keep holding myself back for various reasons. My bro in law even made a skateboard perfect for me to learn on and I got on it once. ONCE !

Now since I’ve moved up here all I want to do is sew. And crochet. And knit (I just started a cardigan, my first knitting project since I was a kid and I have done it all by myself, so far).

front - 2

Mostly I am just rambling because I have so many pictures and not enough to say about this garment. If you have made it this far then well done, I am impressed, hopefully you’re finding this somewhat interesting..?

IF NOT, let’s talk about the dress more.

I love it.

I want more.

I will make more.

Purple is cool.

It’s so comfy.

top stitching

Oh and I also Top stitched the sleeves and neckband as per instructions. I used my stitch in the ditch foot cause really, that’s the most awesome foot for this and tbh, probably my most favourite foot.

twin needle

AWWW and I nearly forgot! I used my twin needle – my new shiny stretch twin needle – to hem the skirt and look how pretty that turned out!


This dress was all sewn on the overlocker/serger apart from the top stitching and hem/twin needle stitching which was done on my pretty Bernina sewing machine.


A back view since I was missing one of those. Nice and simple and just the right amount of fabric in the skirt to fall so pretty!


Not sure what I’m doing here.. Still on the pain meds/antibiotics so maybe I saw some fairies? Or a floating whale?

but that's ok

So there ya have it peeps. The Lady Skater. At the moment my favourite dress. But will it continue to be the fav as new ones come along, who knows?!


  1. Great dress, it fits perfect. I struggled with the neckline (newbie problems). I’m working on my muslin and the neckline is a little wonky. I haven’t gotten to the topstitch part yet, maybe that will fix it?

    1. Hopefully! I’m not entirely sure.. will make it sit flatter and more comfortable though so maybe that will fix the wonkyness! You can only try 🙂

  2. It’s purple and therefore it’s cool! 😉 I love it and I love your way of writing. Did you see any pigs or elephants flying too while in the land of dreams? The fit is great and it just looks perfect. Time for a bit of skating, I’ll just wave from the edges, I prefer being on terra ferma thanks 🙂

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