DOGS! Ensis Tee

Ahh, The Papercut Ensis Tee. How amazing ye is !

I really enjoyed making this pattern for a few reasons, one being it was incredibly easy to follow and I usually have problems following other peoples patterns.

Two – I got to use a knit fabric (for the FIRST time) and with Cover Stitch, BOOM ! I want a Cover Stitch Machine now.

Three – so fast to make, I made it in 1 day, that doesn’t usually happen for me!

Four – It has dogs on it, YAY !


The DOGS! Ensis Tee by Papercut. Was made for an outing at Wellington Zoo with the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Girls and was so much fun to make! The mission (my first and definitely not my last!) was to make something in animal print or with animals or something to do with animals on it to wear to the zoo.

My big sis’ made this at the same time so that she could help me and show me tricks etc, thanks sis, you’re awesome! Now that I have been shown indie patterns, I shall continue to make and my wardrobe shall continue to prosper and grow and become amazing.

Ensis Tee

When I first got to cutting out the fabric, I had a little bit of an issue with the dog pattern since there’s a top and a bottom (haven’t had this issue before) and I ended up cutting it out upside down, hmmmm. But after making that little teensy mistake I managed to cut it out so the pattern on the sleeves match the pattern on the tee.


The fabric was in my sisters stash, and we found it years ago when I was working at Spotlight in Dunedin. Of course we had to get it ’cause it was/is amazing, DOGS !


I made this pattern up in an XS (I’m usually a M so this was very exciting!)

The hem is curved and the sleeves are shortened.

I am definitely going to make this pattern again and it will probably disintegrate with the number of times I am going to use it, it is amazing.

DOGS! Ensis Tee, I love ye.




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