Sgt Peppers (Lonely Hearts Club) Turtles – Crochet


From the book More Softies –


Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Turtles !

What an awesome pattern. Well.. awesome design and idea, unfortunately most of it involves hand sewing to put together all the pieces and all the decorations etc and I.. dislike hand sewing.

However, I did have fun (with much frustration) at making these and watching them come together, especially putting all the crochet pieces on and seeing how they all shape up !


John is yellow

Paul is blue

George is red

Ringo is pink.


These little guys are made up of several pieces each. Each turtle consists of a Shell, Belly, 4 feet, and a Head/neck/front piece. All pieces are worked in rounds and are really easy to make.


The feet are then sewn by being sandwiched between the belly and shell and the neck/front piece is curved around and stitched on top of the body.


George and Ringo both have hats (that are also worked in rounds) and sideburns crocheted with black embroidery thread.

Ringo was the first head/neck/front that I made and in my excitement of crocheting I missed a few rows of white at the bottom of the head which turned Ringo’s head/neck/front into a head/front. Ringo does not have a neck. Which I only realised when I had put all the little guys together and it didn’t look quite right. Oops.


Ringo has a huge nose to sew on and I started the face with the nose so it was a little tricky to see what it was going to look like for the rest of the face. I recommend sewing the eyes on first (so that they aren’t too far apart) and then stitching the nose on right in the centre. Ringo’s hat is made into a round bowl looking then sewn on and bunched down its at the front.


George’s hat just makes me so happy, what a COOL hat. AND it has a feather. So this hat was.. believe it or not, also worked in rounds (wow how surprising) and then folded up to have 3 corners and edge stitched in white with a green feather in one corner. The pattern for the hat was quite cool because you could actually see it shaping itself as you followed the pattern.



John and Paul have hair crocheted in black embroidery thread. I used a 1.25mm hook for this, however that may have been slightly small as the hair looks a bit lacking so I would probably double the pattern in the future. I would have this time around as well, but I was in a rush and trying to get them all finished a couple days before Christmas (just like me to leave things to the last minute, aw yeah).


When I was stitching the faces I started with John’s and I did this when I was really tired so the mustache looks a bit odd and his eyes look like they are a bit lazy haha (I only just realised this). I used stem stitch (which I had to youTube) – the basics of it it make a stitch then when you come back up it will be halfway of the stitch before so all the stitched are overlapping and make the line look a lot neater. I think stem stitch is actually pretty cool.


All of them have black beads for eyes apart from John who has French knots. French knots (also had to YouTube) is when you pull the needle up where you want the knot, wrap the yarn around the needle a couple of times then push the needle back through just about where it first came out and the knot will create itself (hopefully)


The edge stitching around the bottom of the shell, around the collar and up the front is all done in stem stitch. the cord they have is just a chain and then stitched to their sides.


By the end of the pattern I was getting a little cocky and unfortunately didn’t read what colours go with what turtle and ended up using the white for a contrast on all of them, however Ringo was supposed to have a yellow contract and John was supposed to have a red contract (as picture at the top)


All in all I think this was a win and something which will not very likely be made by me again.


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