Teapot Skirt



A-line lined skirt with yoke.


I made this pattern myself starting with a block pattern. From there I matched the darts off which automatically made it into an a-line skirt. I took some off the top of the pattern so that it would sit on my hips instead of my waist (because I find waist high extremely uncomfortable) and then cut a 10cm piece off around the pattern to create the yoke.

The material is 100% cotton from the quilting (double-blocked range) at Spotlight a few years ago. It’s quite a light material. For the lining I used the basic anti-static white fabric from Spotlight as well.


I sewed this up the usual way:

1 – Interface the interfaced parts

2 – sewed yoke’s onto associated skirt part

3 – from here I pinned it around myself to make sure it fitted me well and cut it a little it in around the hips

4 – sewed on the invisible zip on the left side.

5 – sewed up the right side

6 – attached inside yoke’s to associated lining

7 – sewed up the right seam on the lining

8 – attached inside to outside

9 – sewed inside around zip

10 – hemmed it

oh.. and I also edge stitched around yoke/skirt edge and top edge




    1. Yes ! It is ! It’s taken me a while to figure out how to use this bloggy thing since I’m allergic to instructions.. but I’m getting there !
      Thanks ! I love the teapot skirt ! And now I wonder what other fabric I have on the way to Wellington in my stash, EXCITING !

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